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Learning Resources Center: Home

About the Learning Resources Center

The Learning Resources Center provides technical equipment and software to serve the needs of academic departments adapting to changes in curriculum development and it supports the entire University community.

As the emphasis of the University shifts from the traditional educational areas of the curriculum to the more professional and technically oriented areas, the center aims to provide resources to meet the requirements of course offerings and the special requests of students.

The emphasis of the center is on service to students, faculty, and staff . The center has a philosophy of openness and is committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

Policy of Use

The goal of the Learning Resources Center is to enrich and support the University curriculum by providing instructional equipment, materials, and supportive services to both the academic community and administrative areas of the University. To accomplish this goal the following priorities have been established for the use of equipment and circulation of materials:

  1. High priority is given to students of Southern Connecticut State University who are enrolled in courses which require the use of this facility to fulfill course requirements.

  2. High priority is given to the faculty and staff who wish to use this facility and our services to enrich and support their curriculum needs.

  3. Lower priority is given to students and faculty who need facility, equipment or materials for non-class related reasons.

  4. Lower priority is given to those patrons not connected with the University.      

 This facility and the services of the Learning Resources Center may be used by authorized patrons in the following ways:

  1. Individuals - Any time of operation

  2. Small Groups (2 to 8) - Any time of operaton

  3. Classes (9 or more) - By appointment only and with the instructor present

Contact the LRC

LRC Office:
(203) 392-5719
Circulation/Check Out Desk:
(203) 392-5756

LRC Hours

LRC Staff: Monday & Thursday
4:00pm - 11:00pm

Dropoffs, Pickups, and Payment
Forms and drives can be dropped off, items picked up, and payments made at the Circulation/Check Out Desk on the first floor when the library is open. (Note: the desk closes 15 minutes before the building closes.)