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Online renewal

Online renewal

If you have an item (book, DVD, CD, etc.) that is due to be returned to Buley Library, you may find it easier to renew the borrowing period. Use this link:

In the right upper corner, sign in. After you sign in click on your name, then click on "My Library Account." Your loans will be listed in the middle left. Click the "Renew All" button to renew all of your loans. 

No fines will be assessed during our closure regardless of renewal status.

Returning Materials

Returning materials

If you have books, DVDs, CDs, or similar materials that need to be returned to Buley Library, you may hold on to them until the library is open again. The return date will be back-dated when Buley Library reopens for business. You will not be charged overdue/late fees for these materials. Alternatively, you can return the book to the book drop outside the library or you can mail it to us at:

Buley Library, Attn: Access Services, Southern Connecticut State University, 500 Crescent St., New Haven, CT 06515

If you have equipment such as cameras and other items checked out from the Digital Scholarship Center (DSC), when Buley Library reopens, return the items to the Library Circulation Desk, and any fines due to late returns will be amended.

Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing materials not owned by Buley Library

Interlibrary loan (ILL) services ( involve requesting and obtaining materials (articles, book chapters, and books) that Buley Library does not have but that other libraries have. During a Southern campus closure, you can still submit requests for electronic materials (usually journal articles and e-book chapters), but any requests for print books may be delayed until Southern reopens its campus.  Also, some requests for materials held by other libraries may be delayed if those libraries are also closed. Use the link above to submit your ILL request.

Borrowing and lending items with other Connecticut State Colleges and Universities is also suspended at this time.

Federal Depository LogoThis library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)

From March 11, 2020, for an indefinite time, we will not be able to provide access to physical items in our Federal depository library collection. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will provide full access again as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may contact the Connecticut State Library at (860) 757-6500 for help with Government information.

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