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Critical thinking: Conspiracy theories, urban legends, and moral panics

If you’re teaching critical thinking and looking for timely and engaging material, why not try a conspiracy theory?

BLM Protests

Snopes Note: A lot of this is misinformation and rumor, rather than conspiracy theory

Snopes Note: A lot of this is misinformation and rumor, rather than conspiracy theory

Edmond, Charlotte. Conspiracy theories have flourished during the pandemic – here’s how to stop them in their tracks. World Economic Forum, 9/2/20 (Helpful charts)

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It's all connected

As QAnon expands, it pulls in the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-vaxxing, the 2020 Presidential election, and more. Articles, podcast episodes, and videos are posted in the tab where they seem most salient, but please check the QAnon tab for items that are mostly about QAnon but include other subjects.