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Social Justice Common Read 2020: Dreaming America: Programs for Youth in Detention

This guide pulls together resources pertaining to SCSU's 2020 Social Justice Common Read, "Dreaming America: Voices of Undocumented Youth in Maximum-Security Detention".

Prison Programs for Children

The Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network (

AIYN -  for Incarcerated Youth
AIYN is an interdiscilpinary collaborative based in Los Angeles that uses the arts to build reisliency and wellness to transform and empower incarcerated youth.

Children in Crisis
The Reforma Children in Crisis Project acquires and delivers books to children in detention centers, shelters, law offices, and group homes around the United States. Donations, connections, and work are carried out through local chapters of REFORMA (in collaboration with various social service agencies).

Free Write Arts and Literacy
The organization in Chicago's Cook County offers Writing, Art and Music workshops to incarcerated and court-involved youth so they narrate their own stories and become authors of their future.

Freedom For Immigrants
Freedom for immigrants is a nonprofit that monitors the human rights abuses faced by immigrants detained by ICE through a national hotline and network of volunteer detention visitors, and models a community-based alternative to detention that welcomes immigrants into the United States.

H.O.P.E - Helping Offenders Propser Through Employment
The HOPE mentoring program run by Special Education Professor Dr. Theresa Ochoa of Indiana University, offers programs for youth in juvenile detention facilities across Indiana.

Latinx in Kidlit
Explores the world of Latinx immigrants and immigration in Children's Literature, and promotes literacy and the love of reading withing the Latinx community. Their books for young Spanish children are excellent and libraries can can make these books available to child migrants.

LIT - Literacy For Incarcerated Teens
LIT is a non-profit organization in New York that engages incarcerated youth in activities such as reading including access to a library and books so they can focus on their identities and have a more positive outlook on life.

Prison Poetry - PBS Web Exclusive
Former prison inmate Shrong Clemons reads some of the poetry he wrote while serving 20 months in the Sheridan Correctional Center of Illinois.

Poetry in Maximum Security Prison
With his remarkable talent of storytelling and two captivating poems, Phil shares his journey and experience of creating poetry with inmates in maximum security prison.

Prison Poetry Program Helps Inmates Break Stereotypes
One prison program uses writing and poetry to make a difference while allowing inmates to prove to outsiders that they are more than the cold-blooded criminals people make them out to be.

Prison Poets Read by Bryonn Bain

Street Poets Inc. 
Street Poets a non-profit poetry based organization that uses poetry and music to heal and save lives, and transform  community and culture.