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Library Exhibits

Past and current exhibits at Buley Library

Halloween 2021

Halloween, Oct. 2021. Librarian June Cheng.

HIspanic Heritage Month

Exhibit case for Hispanic Heritage Month with booksExhibit case with books

Exhibit case with books

Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept 15-Oct 15, 2021, Librarian Jackie Toce.

National Sewing Month

Close up of exhibit case with books on sewing and fashionEntire exhibit case with books on sewing and fashion and a vintage sewing machine

National Sewing Month, Sept. 2021, Librarian Kevin Redline.

Tokyo Olympics

Online Exhibit:



Tokyo Olympics (in library and online), July-August 2021, Librarian Hayley Battaglia

Pride Month

Pride Month 2021 at Buley Library rainbow bannerPhoto of Pride Month exhibit case with banner, books, and Lego "Everyone is Awesome"

Pride Month Exhibit (library), June 2021, Librarians Kari Swanson and Patrick Crowley

In memoriam: Eric Carle & Lois Ehlert

Exhibit case with books by Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert

In memoriam: Eric Carle & Lois Ehlert, 2021. May 2021, Librarian Rebecca Hedreen.

Math Appreciation & National Poetry Month


Math Appreciation & National Poetry Month Exhibit (online, click above, and in display case behind the main stairs), April 2021, Librarian Diana Hellyar



Nothing about us without us - Neurodiversity (online, click above), April 2021, Librarian Rebecca Hedreen

Women's History Month

Full exhibit case of the Women's History Month exhibitTitles: What do you do with a voice. Elizabeth Warren.















Double page spread of women on the Capitol steps. "What goes up must come down. And goes back up!"

2 shelves of books about women in politics: A Seat at the Table; Why Congress Needs Women, Sisters in the Statehouse









Women's History Month 2021; March 2021; Librarian Patrick Crowley

Pi Day 2021


Pi Day (online, click above), March 2021, Librarian Diana Hellyar

Darwin Day

Photo of exhibit case with books

Darwin Day/Darwin's Birthday, Feb 2021, Librarians Rebecca Hedreen & Patrick Crowley

Online exhibit still available, click above.

Black History Month

Full view of exhibit case for Black History Month display

Online exhibit still available, click above.


Titles in Black History Month display: To Conserve a Legacy; The Face of Our Past; African American Art; RepresentTitles in Black History Month display: Power to the People; Black Panthers, 1968; Black America: A Photographic Journey; Life Upon These Shores.














Black History Month, Feb. 2021, Librarian Lisa Bier

Print and online exhibit.