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Hilton C. Buley Library


Buley IDEA Lab: Technology Lending Collection

Studio for Innovation, Design, Education and Arts

Why Kits?

The supply of kits in the library collection makes it possible to schedule technology time with the school outreach programs on campus and provides check-out options to SCSU students for use in practicum environments or their own assignments and projects.

Kit descriptions and catalog links

Arduino is an open source platform for building electronic projects that includes a programmable circuit board and software.  The software runs on a computer and is used to program the circuit board.  Arduino projects can be stand-alone applications like controlling lights, motors and other physical interactive objects or they can communicate and work with software on a computer.

Library holdings Sparkfun Inventor's Kit  

Library holdings Sparkfun Digital Sandbox

LittleBits are small magnetic color coded modules that include a power source, and light, sound and motion components.  They snap together to form electrical circuits and can be expanded with various input signal modules.

 Library holdings LittleBit kits

MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that uses everyday objects to replace the keyboard and mouse of a computer and encourages creativity.  It is Arduino based and the two- sided circuit board can be reprogrammed to create infinite possibilities for “making.”

Library holdings Makey Makey standard kit 

Raspberry Pi  This is a small programmable computer that comes in a box about the size of a deck of cards. It runs a Linux-based operating system and plugs into a television or computer monitor, keyboard, mouse or other peripherals.  It does not have a hard drive but allows for data storage by providing a slot for  SD or micro SD cards (like what is used in a camera).  It was designed to help teachers, librarians, and students understand technology better.  

Rasperry Pi b+ model 

Keva Planks  KEVA planks instantly transform libraries into engaging, interactive learning spaces.  Quiet unguided construction or activities that bring stories, STEM and Art to life.  Use the planks with college groups or younger children.

Library Holdings Keva Planks