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Folk and Fairy Tales

This guide lists books, databases, indexes and web resources that provide information on folk and fairy tales.


Use SouthernSearch to locate information in our library. SouthernSearch provides simple, one-stop searching for books and e-books, videos, articles, digital media, and more.

Enter your search terms in the search box provided and click on Search. The default is to search "Everything at SCSU." You can click on the down arrow next to "Everything at SCSU" for other choices such as SCSU Catalog and Collections, Articles and e-books, Course Reserves, and CT State Colleges and Universities.

When searching by keyword use "and" to combine your search terms for more precise results.
Example: Fairy tales and Hans Christian Anderson
You can combine as many terms as you wish using "and" but the more terms you use the less results you will get.

Use "or" to expand or broaden your search. "Or" is generally used with synonyms.
Example: Folk tales or fairy tales

You can combine as many terms as you wish using "or" and the more terms you combine the greater your results will be.

Sample Keyword Searches
Fairy tales and children
Fairy tales and Andersen
Fairy tales and psychology
Folk tales and (morals or lessons)
Fairy tales and (villains or ogres)You can also search for tales from specific countries: Folk Tales China
Fairy Tales Denmark
Fairy Tales India
Fairy Tales United States

Use Advanced Search for more search options to limit or focus your search.

Recommended Search Terms

Advanced Search allows you to search by Author, Title, Subject, ISBN.

Author Search

Andersen, Hans Christian (last name first)

Title Search: Hansel and Gretel (Enter exact title. If you type the first few words of the title, you will retrieve all titles beginning with those words).

Subject Search:

Fairy Tales (This is the main subject heading for finding information on fairy tales).Use the subject heading Folk tales to find information on folklore.

Other subject headings are:

Fairy Poetry
Fairy Tale Adaptations
Fairy Tales Film and Video Adaptations
Fairy Tales History and Criticism
Fairy Tales Indexes
Fairy Tales Juvenile Fiction
Fairy Tales Juvenile Literature
Fairy Tales Social Aspects
Fairy Tales Study and Teaching
Fairy Tales Psychological Aspects

Requesting books from another library

To request a book from another library in the CSCU consortium, you must search the CSCU consortium by selecting "CT State Colleges and Universities" from the pull-down menu in the search box as the default is to search "Everything at SCSU". Enter your search terms and execute your search. Once the results list appears, you need to sign in to your library account to see which library has the book. You will see the name of the library that has the book and "available" if the book is available to be loaned. Click on "available" and you will see more information about the book and option to "request" the book. Click on "Request". Check to see that the pick-up institution is  Southern Connecticut State University and the library is Hilton C. Library. Click on request to complete the transaction. You will be notified by email when the book is here and you can pick up your book at the Check-out Desk.

For additional help requesting a book from another CSCU library, please watch this video:

Where are Books Shelved?

Books pertaining to African American literature are usually shelved in the PS section according to the Library of Congress Classification System. Some may be found in the E section. Books that have Ref before the call number are shelved in the Reference section on the first floor of Buley Library. Circulating books are indicated by SCSU Stacks in the catalog. Books with call numbers A through PL are on the second floor. PM through Z are on the third floor. Here's a Floorplan showing where materials are shelved on each floor of the library.

Checking Out Books

Circulating books are checked out at the Check-out Counter on the main floor with a valid SCSU ID. Books can be checked out for 28 days with the option to have them renewed if no one else has requested them. Reference books cannot be checked out.