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Communication Disorders

Find and cite journal articles and books in the field of communication disorders, and/or set up an individual research session with a librarian.


The Communications Disorders Department home page on the Southern Connecticut State University website describes the program and has links to a lot of other useful information.


Consult the following sites for classifieds,links to job postings, and other information on employment.

Other resources

The sites below contain some substantive information but are primarily compilations of links to web resources. Since they specialize in communication disorders, you might want to have a look at them before trying to search the internet for information.

Caroline Bowen's Home Page
An Australian speech-pathologist, Bowen has created a vast and useful site filled with links to SLP sites around the net.

Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences
Judith Kuster has compiled an exhaustive list of links about communication disorders. Sections include speech and language disorders, hearing and hearing disorders, stuttering, online courses, discussion forums, and more.

Open Pediatrics