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How to find books, journal articles, and other material for the field of Communication.

Online resources

Print resources

All of these titles are located on the 2nd floor.

  • All-American Ads 1900-1919: NC 998.5 .A11 2005
  • 20s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A12 2004
  • 30s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A647 2003
  • 40s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A135 2001
  • 50s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A155 2001
  • 60s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A165 2002
  • 70s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A15 2004
  • 80s: All-American Ads: NC 998.5 .A17 2005

These titles are located on the 3rd floor:

  • America's Greatest Brands: Oversize HD 69 .B7 A54 (3 volumes)
  • Advertising to the American Woman: Oversize HF 5813 .U5 H55 2002
  • Best of Retail Advertising Design: Oversize HF 5816 .B47 1988

Campaign ads

Museum of the Moving Image: The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2016

New Repbulic's 2016 Campaign Ad Archive

Political TV Ad Archive: 2016 political ads

Politifact: 10 most aired political ads, fact-checked: 2016 campaign

Time: Watch the 10 Most Notable Campaign Ads of 2016

New York Times Historical Archive 1851-5 years ago, and the New York Times 1980-present can display images from print campaigns. Go to Advanced Search to select Advertisement from Document type.

Google images and Youtube are also good places to search for images and video of campaign ads.