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How to find cases, statutes, regulations, and other law-related material


The databases below will allow you to search for scholarly articles and other materials on international law.

Off campus use requires your network/Windows username and password.

Cases, documents

Eur-Lex: Access to European Union Law: "EUR-Lex provides free access to European Union law and other documents considered to be public. The website is available in 23 official languages of the European Union; choose your preferred language from the language bar at the top of the homepage. The contents of the site amount to some 3 600 000 documents with texts dating back to 1951. The database is updated daily and every year around 15 000 documents are added." Collections include treaties, international agreements, legislation in force, preparatory acts, case-law, and parliamentary questions

International Court of Justice: The World Court in The Hague, "the principal judicial organ of the United Nations". "The Court’s role is to settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted to it by States and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies." A list of cases and advisory proceedings with links to documents is provided.

International Criminal Court: "The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, is the first permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community. The ICC is an independent international organisation, and is not part of the United Nations system. Its seat is at The Hague in the Netherlands. Although the Court’s expenses are funded primarily by States Parties, it also receives voluntary contributions from governments, international organisations, individuals, corporations and other entities." Access to case documents, descriptions of situations, etc.

United Nations: International Law section includes links to treaties, International Law Commission, oceans and law of the seas, UN Commission on International Trade Law, etc.

United States Treaties in Force: List of all treaties and international agreements on record with the State Department on 1/1/2009.