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How to find cases, statutes, regulations, and other law-related material

How do I find a U.S. Supreme Court case?

If you're on campus:

Type your case name (like Morse v. Frederick) into the box and click search:

What if I'm off-campus?

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Login with your SCSU username and password
  • Click Case Law
  • Type your case name into the search box
  • Click search

More detailed instructions

Go to Google Scholar.

Type in your case name.

Click Search.

Click on the case name to see the full opinion.

Notice that underneath each case is a link that says Cited by. Clicking on the link will show you a list of other cases that refer to Marbury v. Madison, usually as a precedent.

Notice you can also alter your search with the links on the left: search for articles, search only Federal courts, etc.


That's right, Wikipedia. Although one needs to exercise caution in relying on any one source, whether electronic or print, the entries for the Supreme Court cases included in Wikipedia are generally sound. The references and external links can be especially helpful.

If nothing else, the bar on the right will give you the citation (5 U.S. 137), date of the decision, and the outcome. Use the external links at the bottom of the screen to access the full opinion at Cornell's Legal Information Institute, Justia, or Findlaw.

Please note that Wikipedia does not include every U.S. Supreme Court case! Also note that treatment varies from in-depth to superficial.


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Cornell LII


Topic, author, party searching


Links to courts' websites


Links to courts' websites



Citation, party, keyword searching

1995+, some earlier

Party and keyword searching


Links to courts' websites

Google Scholar Varies Varies Varies


Volume or year browsing, recent cases


1904+ for 2nd circuit

Browse by circuit, then year

1925+ for most

1924+ for Connecticut

Browse by state, case type

Public Library of Law


Keyword, date, and jurisdiction searching


Keyword, date, and jurisdiction searching