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Book Reviews

Print Indexes/Abstracts are located on the ground floor

           To locate reviews using a print index or abstract, you should know the book's title, author, and date of publication. Look up the volume that corresponds to the year the book was published. On occasion, it may be necessary to check volumes that appear a year or two after the book was published as there could be a time lag between the publication of the book and the publication of the review. A print index provides only the citation, not the review. Find the citation to the review by using the author/title index. An abstract will provide a summary of the review. To access the full review, check journal finder on the library home page to determine if we subscribe to the periodical in which the review appears. If the library does not have the periodical you can request the article through interlibrary loan

Below is a list of Indexes and Abstracts to locate book reviews.

        Alternative Press Index (1987-present)
        This print publication indexes nearly 300 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers  and magazines. Book   reviews are indexed by author/title of the book. Also includes art, concert, dance, multimedia and pamphlet reviews.

Book Review Digest (1905-present)

Book Review Digest is an annual print index that provides abstracts or summaries of book reviews. Searching is mainly by title or author. Each annual volume must be searched separately so the year the book was published must be known. We have print volumes dating back to 1905. Book Review Digest is also available online

Book Review Index (1965-2006)

Book Review Index (BRI) is an annual author/title index that provides citations to reviews published in popular periodicals, scholarly journals, and newspapers. It is important to know when the book was published in order to locate the citation for a review in BRI.

Essay and General Literature Index (1900-present)

Essay & General Literature Index indexes chapters in more than 300 English language essay collections and anthologies. Both humanities and social sciences topics are covered, including economics, political science, history, philosophy, religion, and criticism of literary works, drama, and films. Book reviews appear in a separate section at the back of each volume.

An Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities (1965-1990)

This index covers journals published internationally. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author. A list of journals indexed appears at the front of each volume.

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature  (1802-1906)

Poole's is a major excellent index for articles published in British and American periodicals in the nineteenth century. Reviews of fiction, poetry and drama appear under the author's name. Reviews of non-fiction books are classified by subject.

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature  (1900-present)

The Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature is a print index of mostly popular periodical literature. This series, in print, extends back to 1900. Indexing is primarily by author and subject in one continuous alphabet. Beginning with the 1976-77 volume, books reviews are gathered in a separate section at the end of each annual volume; this section is then indexed by author, or by title if the author is unknown.