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Chemistry: Background Information

How to find information on all aspects of chemistry: "A couple of months in the laboratory can save a couple of hours in the library."-Frank H. Westheimer, chemistry professor (1912-2007)

Reference Books

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  • Concise Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology, Ref. TP9 K54 2007 v.1-2
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  • Dean's handbook of organic chemistry, Ref. QD251.3 .G65 2004
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  • Encyclopedia of analytical science, Ref. QD71.5 .E539 2005 v.1-10
  • Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry, Ref. QD148 E53 1994
  • Handbook of Organic Compounds, Ref. QC462.85 W675 2001 v.1-3
  • Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry, Ref. QD4 M33 1997
  • Merck Index, Ref. RS51 M4 1996

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Online Data Collections in the Library

More chemistry data can be found on the web. See Chemistry Data Websites.