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Film Criticism


The British Film Catalogue 1895-1985: a Reference Guide 
First complete catalogue of every British film produced since the invention of cinematography. Films are catalogued chronologically. Contains title index.

Film and Television: a Guide to the Reference Literature

Frame by Frame - A Black Filmography
This is a compendium of more than 3,000 films that contain black themes or subject matter. Also includes information on black artists, producers, directors, musicians, animators or consultants who have contributed to the cinema. Entries are listed alphabetically with indexes available for performers, producers and directors.

The Macmillan Film Bibliography
Volume I contains annotated entries for biographies, histories, reference works, dictionaries, production handbooks and scripts in English published between 1900-1982. Volume II has author, title and script indexes.

Television and Film: an Annotated Bibliography of Research Materials


American Film Directors
Provides biographical and critical essays on American film directors. Includes filmographies and a general index.

American Screenwriters
Contains biographical essays, filmographies, and short bibliographies on over a hundred of America's best-known screenwriters.

American Screenwriters, Second Series
Companion volume to the above book. Contains career studies and biographies of 64 additional screenwriters.

Biographical Dictionary of Film
Contains critical essays on actors, actresses, producers and directors.

Blacks in American Film and Television
Examines the achievements of blacks in motion pictures and television. Contains biographies of blacks in the movies, plot synopses, critical commentary on the movies, and major credits.

Cinema: A Critical Dictionary
Contains critical essays on the cinema as well as on prominent directors by scholars and critics.

Close-ups: Intimate Profiles of Movie Stars by their Co-stars, Directors, Screenwriters and Friends
Contains essays, interviews, tributes and reminiscences on movie stars. Provides information on the off-screen lives of 1400 of the cinema's most celebrated personalities.

A Guide to American Screenwriters: the Sound Era , 1929-1982
Presents the complete works of American screenwriters from 1929 through 1982 in alphabetical order.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World's Great Movie Stars and their Films
Provides biographies and filmographies of 400 of the most important movie stars of all times and countries with a listing of their ten best films.

The Illustrated Who's Who of Hollywood Directors

Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema
Gives brief biographical sketches of movie stars, producers, directors, composers, and their films. Entries are arranged alphabetically. 

The New Biographical Dictionary of Film

Who's Who in Hollywood, 1900-1976
Brief entries on performers who are alive and who contribute in some way to the film industry.

Women in Film; an International Guide
A guide to women's contributions to film with entries on directors, actresses, writers, producers, genres, film festivals and more. Includes index of films and a general index.

The World Almanac Who's Who of Film
An encyclopedic collection of alphabetically arranged biographies of more than 2400 movie personalities of the past and present with filmographies.

World Film Directors
An introduction to the works and lives of 400 of the world's best known film directors to the present. The first volume contains people who were born before 1920 and well launched on their careers before 1945. The second volume includes more recent figures.

Critical Analysis

 Film and Propaganda in America: A Documentary History

Magill's Cinema Annual
Contains reviews of selected films from 1981 to the present.

Magill's Survey of Cinema. Foreign Language Films
Provides critical articles on 700 foreign-language films.

Magill's Survey of Cinema - Silent Films


The American Film Industry
Provides information on the American film industry - the studios, the production companies, the genres. Includes bibliographies.

The American Film Institute Desk Reference

Cinema Studies: the Key Concepts

The Film Encyclopedia
This is the most comprehensive one-volume encyclopedia on films in English with more than 7000 entries on film artists, studios, film centers, styles, genres, schools, organizations, institutions, industry jargon and technical terms. Includes filmographies.

The Film Handbook
Covers the world's 200 most popular and influential directors since the beginning of filmmaking. There is a brief biographical note for each director followed by information on the impact each has had on the cinema. Films are listed in chronological order under each entry.

Film: A Reference Guide
Essays cover American popular films from 1877-1979. Includes bibliographies. Good source for basic research on American films.

Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion
Contains listings of performers, directors, technicians themes, processes, and individual films in alphabetical order.

Handbook of American Film Genres
Contains a collection of essays on major American film genres. Each essay includes filmography.

Images in the Dark: an Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Film and Video
Provides biographical and critical information on gay directors, writers, artists, composers, American and British stars who are either gay or lesbian. Includes filmographies.

International Motion Picture Almanac
Includes a variety of information such as industry statistics, awards, who's who, and various industrial directories.

The New Historical Dictionary of the American Film Industry

The Oxford Companion to Film -- Ref PN1993. 45. O9
Provides basic information on all aspects of the film industry. Good source to refer to if you need small amounts of information on any film-related topic.

Subject Access to Films and Videos

A Title Guide to the Talkies: a Comprehensive Listing of 16,000 Feature-length Films from October 1927 until December 1963
Lists films alphabetically by title. Gives the name of the distributors, the year the film was released and the source material from which the film was created.

VideoHound's DVD Guide

History of Film

American Film Studios: An Historical Encyclopedia
Contains information on American film manufacturing with short articles about each movie studio.

Chronicle of the Cinema
This is a comprehensive chronological history of the cinema from its inception to the present. Includes photographs, movie stills, picture credits, general index and film index.

A History of Film
Covers the history of world cinema and contains index of film titles and index of proper names in addition to a general index. Includes bibliography.

An Illustrated History of the Horror Films

The Oxford History of World Cinema
This book traces the history of the cinema covering all aspects of its development, the movie stars, studios, and the cultural impact of films on society.

World Cinema Since 1945
Surveys the significant developments in the major national or regional cinemas since the end of World War II.

Reviews of Films

The following titles are useful for locating reviews of films:

British Film Institute Film Classics

Film Literature Index -- Index Section, Ground Floor
Author, subject index to international film, television and video literature

Film Review Index -- Index Section, Ground Floor 1882-1985
A selective index of reviews of films released between 1882 and 1985. Arrangement is alphabetical by title. After each title is a list of reviews.

How to Locate Reviews of Plays and Films: a Bibliography of Criticism from the Beginnings to the Present
Indexes entries that have appeared in newspapers, journals, cinema criticism checklists, and books. Also included are entries for documentaries and animated films, and sources for stills. Entries are arranged chronologically. Includes index.

Magill's Cinema Annual
Contains reviews of selected films from 1981 to the present.

Magill's Survey of Cinema. Foreign Language Films .
Provides critical articles on 700 foreign-language films.

Magill's Survey of Cinema. Silent Films -
Provides critical articles on silent films produced from 1902 to 1936. International in scope.

Media Review Digest
Indexes film reviews that have appeared in selected periodicals and provides a short synopsis of each film.

The Motion Picture Guide
Reviews of motion pictures and silent films from 1910-1984, including silent films.

The New York Times Film Reviews
Index to film reviews that appeared in the New York Times newspaper from 1913-1968.

Variety's Film Reviews
Contains reviews that were first published in the magazine Variety. Index by title.

Warning Shadows : Home Alone with Classic Cinema

International Films

The ABCs of Classic Hollywood

Arab Cinema: History and Cultural Identity

Australia & New Zealand

Black African Cinema

Bollywood: Popular Indian Cinema

Brazilian Cinema

Celluloid Heroes Down Under : Australian Film, 1970-2000

China on Screen: Cinema and Nation

Cinema Italiano: the Complete Guide from Classics to Cult

The Cinema of Latin America

Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African film

Contemporary American Cinema

Czech and Slovak Cinema: Theme and Tradition

The Dark Mirror: German Cinema Between Hitler and Hollywood

Encyclopedia of Arab Women Filmmakers

Encyclopedia of Chinese Film

Encyclopedia of European Cinema

Evaluating the Achievement of One Hundred Years of Scandinavian Cinema

French Cinema: From its Beginnings to the Present

Global Art Cinema: New Theories and Histories

Guide to African Cinema

Guide to British Cinema

Guide to the Cinema of Canada

Guide to the Cinema of Spain

Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland

Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Cinema

The History of Italian Cinema: a Guide to Italian Film from its Origins to the Twenty-first Century

Indonesian Cinema: National Culture on Screen

Iranian Cinema: a Political History

Israeli Film: a Reference Guide

Korean Film : History, Resistance, and Democratic Imagination

Literature and Film in the Third Reich

Mexican Cinema: Reflections of a Society, 1896-2004

New Argentine Cinema

A New History of Japanese Cinema: a Century of Narrative Film

North Korean Cinema: a History

The Oxford Companion to Australian Film

Palestinian Cinema: Landscape, Trauma and Memory

Polish National Cinema

Popular Cinemas of Europe: Studies of Texts, Contexts, and Frameworks

Quebec National Cinema

Russian Cinema

Scotland: Global Cinema: Genres, Modes and Identities

Screening Morocco: Contemporary Film in a Changing Society

The South Korean Film Renaissance: Local Hitmakers, Global Provocateurs