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Hilton C. Buley Library


Womens Studies Research Guide: SCSU Catalog

Library resources that support the SCSU Women's Studies Program including material that deals with gender studies and feminism.


Set your scope to The Catalog

Using "Advanced Search" set your scope to SCSU Catalog (books, etc.) The library catalog is the window that reveals the material available in a library.  Current online library catalogs are based on the card catalogs developed over a century ago.  Today's catalogs are powerful tools that have enhanced the old manual systems.  They strive to retain the best of the original organizing concepts while moving the identification of relevant library materials into an arena that is intuitive and successful.

The CSCU Consortium scope for the Connecticut State College & University Library system represent the holdings of the four Connecticut State University Libraries, the 12 Community College Libraries, Charter Oak College and and the Connecticut State Library.

To find a book or other type of resource available at the library go to the Buley Library home page, enter search terms in the search box or choose SouthernSearch Use scopes and drop down options to conduct a simple or advanced search.  Experiment using singular and plural words and word combinations.   For examples click on the underlined words below to see search results for those words.

Keyword searches for material on Women's Studies may include:

womens studies, gender studies, feminism and any other words related to your area of interest.  Keyword searches can yield an overwhelming number of results as words that appear in the title, subject headings and notes are all considered "hits."  A search can be more targeted by using subject headings. Notice the difference between the results of a keyword search and a subject search using the word "feminism."

Subject Headings include:

Note:  each of these main headings may be subdivided by geography and subtopics.  Use them as starting points to explore the catalog.  The linked searches above have been limited to holdings in Buley Library.  To see holdings from all five CONSULS libraries use the drop down box.







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