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Search the Web: General Search Engines

Do you Google by habit? Do you just use whatever that is in your browser search bar? Different search engines are good for different purposes. Give something else a try.

Google Web Search

Google is the big one, but don't forget that you can also search Images, Video, Maps, News, and more. You can also use some specialized keywords to get specific information, such as adding the word 'define' before a word to get definitions from web dictionaries, convert measurements from one unit to another, or get movie times locally. There are also symbols: use ~ (called a tilde) to have Google search synonyms (money=currency) AND highlight the searched terms in bold, or "" to search that exact term or phrase (no variations).

Google Web Search

Bing (Microsoft)

Bing is the successor to Microsoft's Live Search.



Yahoo! is a popular search, and also has searches for Local Information (businesses, etc.), Images, Video, News, and more, including one of the original question sites, Yahoo! Answers.