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Hilton C. Buley Library


Library Administration: Library Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Services & Collections

The Library provides a wide range of services promoting the use of information resources and fostering the information literacy of the university community, on campus and virtually. Library staff are dedicated to meeting the scholarship needs of the University and the greater community.

The Library maintains core collections in a range of formats to support, encourage, and enhance learning, teaching, research and scholarship by providing access to sources of recorded knowledge and preserving the institutional memory.

Technology, Innovation, & Collaboration

The Library is an active, collaborative learning environment conducive to scholarship and creativity, with a robust technology infrastructure to support new ways of learning and the delivery of new and enhanced services. The Library leads the University in using current information technology to provide broad access to growing and diverse information resources across the campus and beyond.

The Library collaborates with campus, community, state, and national partners to provide access to resources, to enhance the skills of the Library staff, and to advance the field of librarianship. The Library promotes cross-departmental collaboration, co-curricular planning, and the integration of educational technologies into instruction and curricular resources.

Standards & Assessment

The Library maintains high standards of excellence and service quality; and refers to uphold to the standards and guidelines of appropriate accrediting agencies for university libraries for the development and delivery of library services. The Library routinely evaluates services and collections against these national standards by using assessment tools and soliciting feedback.

January 2010