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SCSU Buley Library Research Committee: Support

Library 10.6.4 - Reassigned Time for Research

The Library Services Research Committee (RC) solicits applications for research time twice a year under CBA 10.6.4. There are typically 204 hours available each semester, contingent upon the Provost's annual allocation. Fall research time must be taken by the end of Spring Break the following year, while Spring research time must be taken by the end of Summer of the same year.


  1. All full-time faculty are eligible. Applicants who have not been awarded 10.6.4 reassigned time within the previous two years will be considered before those who have been. Applicants must have submitted a report for previous time to be considered.
  2. Applicants should submit specific (typed, double spaced) proposals, no more than two pages in length. They should describe what they hope to accomplish and the number of hours required. Fewer than 70 hours per project is typical, however projects requiring more hours will be considered.
  3. Eligibility is not affected by that for 8.10 (PDL – see page 53 of CBA).
  4. The RC is authorized to call for proposals and evaluate and rank them on the basis of a) value to the library and/or the scholarly community, b) probability of completion, and c) scale relative to the allocated number of hours. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible of the RC’s decision.
  5. The RC will forward to the Director the application(s) of the recommended candidate(s); the Director will announce the decision(s) promptly to the applicant and the RC.
  6. The schedule for reassigned time should be worked out with the Spokesperson and department head in a manner to facilitate the functioning of library services.  These leaves must be approved by the Library Director in accordance with Article 8.5 of the AAUP contract.
  7. Successful applicants are required to submit a report to the Director’s Office and the RC within thirty days of the close of the period of reassigned time.
  8. The Librarian will have the opportunity to present at the annual Research Celebration arranged by the RC.

Support and Services

The Committee will provide general support to library faculty in developing projects and alerting the faculty to relevant issues via the Research Committee web page, meetings and other communications.

Definition of Research

The purpose of both 10.6.4 Reassigned Time for Research and Professional Development Leave (PDL) is to provide dedicated time to focus on a particular project. 


10.6.4 time is to be used in support of creative activity. Projects may include, but are not limited to, work on: 

.  Artistic works 

.  Publications 

.  Presentations of papers or other creative activity to a department, university, or conference 

.  Grant writing 


PDL is to be used in support of providing library services to the Southern Connecticut State University community.  Projects may include, but are not limited to: 

.  Handouts and research guides 

.  Professional reading 

.  Preparation for teaching and instruction 


See 2016–2021 AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement, Sections 8.10 and 10.6.4, and Promotion and Tenure Standards for Librarians (approved by the Senate in 2011)