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SCSU Buley Library Research Committee: About



The Hilton C. Buley Library Faculty Bylaws (2010) state:

  • The Research Committee shall discover, share, and promote research opportunities for Buley Library faculty.
  • The Research Committee shall promote awareness of the scholarship, publications, and creative activity of Buley Library faculty.

The Library Research Committee supplements the initiatives of the campus Research Advisory Committee and SPAR by encouraging and supporting the following as related to the field of Information and Library Science:

  • contributions of new knowledge
  • mastery of new technologies and methods
  • presentations at professional conferences
  • publication activities

The Committee of three is elected by the library faculty. Committee members serve two-year staggered terms, and may be re-elected to one successive term.



Current Members: Wendy Hardenberg (Chair), Tina Re, Diane Tomasko

Past Members: Jackie Toce (2015-2017); David Feinmark (2012-17); Jeff Dickens (2013-15); Tina Re (2011-13, 2009-11, 2004-06); Cindy Schofield (2009-11); Paul Holmer (2008-10); June Cheng (2007-09, 2003-05); Alba Reynaga (2007-09); Ali Zamouri (2006-08); Hing Wu (2005-07, 2003-04); Nancy Bobrek (2005-07); Lisa Bier (2003-05)