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Fake News, Bad Science, and Predatory Journals: Information Evaluation for the Academic: Bad Science

Resources from the 2017 Teaching Academy presentation by Sue Clerc, Rebecca Hedreen, and Kari Swanson

Graphics and Handouts

Battling Bad Science

We also have Ben Goldacre's book, Bad Science, and he has a website, Bad Science.

On the Replication Crisis

Note: some profanity -- It is John Oliver, after all!

Science Communication and Critique

"Communication and critique are important for the public understanding of and progress in science. In this PLOSCast, Elizabeth speaks with Hilda Bastian, an Editor at PubMed Commons. She connects her current work at PubMed Commons and her previous experience as a consumer health advocate in Australia to the importance of communication and critique of science in the public sphere." More (including links)...

Chicken Chicken Chicken Presented

Communicating Science

Resources for Fact Checking Science

How to review an article (researcher edition)

A few ideas for the future of peer review: