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MLA Style Guide Ninth Edition

Publication Date

Publication Date,

The publication Date element tells your reader when the version of the work you are citing was published. 

In addition to an actual date of publication, this element may include the following:

  • the date of composition for unpublished material (such as letters).
  • the date of revision or upload if that is more pertinent (e.g., the date a wiki post was last updated rather than the date if was started)
  • the label forthcoming for works not yet published
  • the date on which a source was viewed or heard firsthand (e.g., the date that you attended the performance of a play)


The publication Date element may include one or more of the following components:

  • a year
  • a day and month
  • a season
  • a time stamp
  • a range of dates or years



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Online News article

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Government documents


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