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Library Staff & Departmental Directory: Library Directory

Staff Directory

Staff by Departments:

Library Administration
Access Services
Learning Resource Center
Library Systems & Digital Scholarship Center
Research & Instruction Services
Special Collections
Technical Services

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Library Services in the SCSU Campus Departmental Directory

Instruction/Subject Librarians:


Director of Library Services:

Clara Ogbaa
Library Director
(203) 392-5760

Administrative Assistant:

Shirley Anderson
(203) 392-5742

Access Services (Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Reserve)

Library Faculty:

Jamie Aschenbach
Head, Access Services Division
(203) 392-5768

Support Staff:

Lauren Johnson
Library Technical Assistant - Reserves
(203) 392-7201

Kim Wilk
Library Technical Assistant - Technical Services
(203) 392-5853

Learning Resources Center

Library Faculty:

Research Librarian - Curriculum Collection
Please contact June Cheng, Education Librarian (Information Services)

Support Staff (Media and Poster Production):

Please call (203) 392-5719 for LRC Services or (203) 392-5756 for the Circulation/Check Out Desk.

Library Systems & Digital Scholarship Center

Research & Instruction Services

General Questions: or use the Questions/Comments Form

Library Faculty:

Winnie Shyam
Head of Research & Instruction
(203) 392-5762

Lisa Bier
Social Science Research Librarian
(203) 392-5131

June Cheng
Education Research Librarian
(203) 392-5738

Susan Clerc
Electronic Resources Coordinator/Research Librarian
(203) 392-5735

Wendy Hardenberg
Instruction Coordinator/Research Librarian
(203) 392-5734

Rebecca Hedreen
Distance Learning Coordinator/Research Librarian
(203) 392-5753

Diana Hellyar
STEM Librarian
(203) 392-5134

Tina Re
Arts & Special Collections Librarian
(203) 392-5597

Diane Tomasko
Business Research Librarian
(203) 392-5749

Special Collections

Library Faculty:

Paul Holmer
Special Collections Librarian
(203) 392-5746

Technical Services (Acquisitions, Cataloging, Periodicals)

Library Faculty:

Jackie Toce
Head of Technical Services
(203) 392-5777

Hayley Battaglia
Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian
(203) 392-5731

Patrick Crowley
Metadata Librarian for Cataloging and Digital Projects
(203) 392-5924

Kari Swanson
Acquisitions & Collection Development Coordinator
(203) 392-5774

Support Staff:

Tom Celentano
Library Technician - Technical Services: Acquisitions
(203) 392-5771

Karen Shea
Clerk - Technical Services
(203) 392-5564

Peggy Weiler
Library Technician - Technical Services: Serials
(203) 392-5737

Beth Paris
Library Technical Assistant - Technical Services

Song Zhou
Library Technician - Cataloging, Digitizaton, and SteamLab
(203) 392-5779