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Children's Literature

About Disabilities

Amelia lends a hand / by Marissa Moss M85539aL    Age 9 and up
Al Capone does my shirts C453aL    Age 10 - up
Anything but typical B2923an Age 10 - 14
Big brother Dustin / Alden R. Carter  C2451bi    Age 4-7
Clay / Colby Rodowsky R619cl Age 8-12
Cory stories : a kid's book about living with ADHD RJ506.H9 K73   
Dad, Jackie, and me / Myron Uhlber Uh62da (oversized)   Age 6-up
Eddie enough!  Z6588ee Age 4 & up
Eddie enough! / written by Debbie Zimmett Z6588ee   Age 4 – up
I am not Joey Pigza / Jack Gantos   G1587i Grade 5 - 7
I can't sit still! : living with ADHD RJ506.H9 I3   
Ian's walk : a story about autism L4798i Age 6 - 9
Joey Pigza loses control / Jack Gantos G1587jL  
Joey Pigza swallowed the key / Jack Gantos  G1587js  
Livvie Owen lived here / by Sarah Dooley D72Li Grade 6-9
M.E. and Morton / Sylvia Cassedy C2723m Age10 and up
Marcelo in the real world / Francisco X. Stork St739ma Grade 7 and up
Me and Einstein : breaking through the reading barrier  B6248m   
Moses goes to the circus / Isaac Millman M6236mci  Age 4-8
Moses sees a play / Isaac Millman M6236mp  (oversized)   Age 4-8
My Friend Jacob C613M  
My pal, Victor / written by Diane Gonzales B4626my   (oversized)   Age 9-12
Private and confidential : a story about braille R484p    Age 9-12
Rules / Cynthia Lord L8842ru Grade 4-7
Seal surfer F761s    Age 5-9
Taking A.D.D. to school : a school story about attention deficit disorder and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder RJ506.H9 W435   
Thank you, Mr. Falker P7568th (oversized) Age 5-8
The hickory chair  F8675h (oversized) Age 4-8
The middle of somewhere / J.B. Cheaney  C41mi  
What's wrong with Timmy? Sh863wh   Age 3-6
When I grow up H6648w   Age 4-8
Will the real Gertrude Hollings please stand up?  G8555w   
Words in our hands L7113wo     
Zipper, the kid with ADHD J260z Grade 4 - 7

About Autism

A certain October / Angela Johnson.                  J6298ce  Ages 14–up
A friend like Simon / by Kate Gaynor  G256f                
Al Capone does my homework C453aLh Grade 5 & up
Al Capone does my shirts C453aL Age 10 - up
Anything but typical / Nora Raleigh Baskin B2923an           Grade 4-7
Apples for Cheyenne : a story about autism, horses, and friendship G317a   K - 4
Clay / Colby Rodowsky R619cl  Age 8-12
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time H1169cu   
Ian's walk : a story about autism L4798i  Age 6 - 9
Livvie Owen lived here  D72Li Grade 6-9
Looking after Louis E556 lo Grade 2-5
Marcelo in the real world St739ma Grade 7 and up
My brother Sammy E249m   Grade 1-3
Rules / Cynthia Lord.  L8842ru   Grade 4-7
Second Chance : how adoption saved a boy with autism and his shelter dog  G3145s    
Somebody, please tell me who I am M4568so  Grade 7 - up
Sorta like a rockstar : a novel  Q39so  
Squirmy wormy W696sq  Grade 1 - up
Waiting for Benjamin : a story about autism Al789wa Grade 2 -4

About Blindness

Annerton Pit / Peter Dickinson D56A  
The cardturner / Louis Sachar Sa138ca   Grade 7 - 11
Follow my leader G1801f   Grade 7 & up
Girl, stolen / April Henry  H396gi   Grade 7 - 12
Granny Torrelli makes soup C8612gr   Grade 3 - 7
Listen for the fig tree M426L  
Miss Spitfire : reaching Helen Keller M618mi  
Private and confidential : a story about braille R484p    
Seeing lessons : the story of Abigail Carter and America's first school for the blind H4268s    Age 9 and up
Sees Behind Trees D7376s    Grade 4 and up
The seeing stick / by Jane Yolen Yo78se   Grade Preschool - 1
She is not invisible / Marcus Sedgwick Se28sh Grade Level: 7 - 12