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Artists' Books at Buley Library: Zines

Artists' Books at Buley Library

What is a Zine?

What is a zine?

Zines are popular DIY, handmade, magazine-like low budget publications, usually in the form of small pamphlets --although they can be any size or format. They are self-published, not-for profit, and created usually as a form of  self-expression on a wide range of subjects. Some examples of zine categories are literary zines, art zines, mini-comics, personal or “per zines,” political zines, fanzines, etc.  Zines are often produced on the photocopier and are intended to be freely traded and/or distributed widely.


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 $100 and a T-Shirt (a film about zines from the library "Films on Demand" database)

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Community Programming at Buley Library

For more information contact Tina Re, Arts and Special Collections:

Make Zines at Buley Library

Hands-on artists' book and zinemaking sessions are available by appointment. Supplies on-hand include:Typewriters, computers, printers, scanners, sharpies and markers, pencils, ink, stamps, rulers, magazines and newspapers for collages, patterned paper, fabric, washi tape, stickers, cutting boards, scissors, x-acto knife, paper trimmer,  glue sticks, tape, long arm stapler, other binding materials (needle and thread) and more.

For more information contact Tina Re: