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United States Labor History

Selected Primary Sources

The Industrial Revolution and the Progressive Era: 1877-1913

The Industrial/Progressive era of labor saw the rise of unionization. With nearly 200 links of available information, the subject has been subdivided into four additional subject areas: Strikes & Uprisings, Unionism and Testimonies and Famous/Infamous figures in Labor and Labor Life whose links should provide valuable information on the life of a laborer during this time period.

"The corporate reconstruction of American capitalism, 1890-1916 the market, the law, and politics," by Martin J. Sklar, order via inter-library loan from CCSU through Consuls, call number HC110 C3 S58 1988

Freedmen and Southern Society Project

Chronology of Emancipation during the Civil War

The Communist Manifesto
Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895, Marx, Karl, 1818-1883

American Rhetorical Movements since 1900

The Labor History of the Cripple Creek District;
A Study in Industrial Evolution

Making Money the Old Fashioned Way

Administrative File of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency
A PDF of Records from the Library of Congress

Gilded Age and Progressive Era Resources

Capital and Labor: Life of the People, 1912-1948

The Work of a Coal Miner in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

The Steel Workers of Pittsburgh 1909

Bibliography - U.S. Steel Photograph Collection

Labor History Sources in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress

Daniel De Leon

Emma Goldman

The Gospel According to Andrew: Carnegie’s Hymn to Wealth

Albert Parsons, Challenge to the Free Market

The Labor Press Project
Labor and Radical Newspapers in the Pacific Northwest

The Eugene Victor Debs Collection

Eugene V. Debs Internet Archive
One of the greatest and most articulate advocates of workers' power to have ever lived.

The Westinghouse World: The Companies, the People, and the Places

Minutes of the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor A PDF download

Child Labor in Virginia
Photographs by Lewis Hine

Worker Groups - African Americans

Seattle Union Record (Seattle: 1900-1928)

Industrial Worker (Spokane, Seattle: 1909-1930)

Communism in Washington State History and Memory Project

Southern New England Telephone Company
The First Fifty Years, 1878-1928