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United States Labor History

Selected Primary Sources

Post War America: 1946-Present

Algie Martin Simons, Social Forces in American History

Bridgeport Working: Oral Histories

Civil Rights Act (1964)

Communism in Washington State
History and Memory Project, 1919-2002

Digital History

FBI - Freedom of Information Act

Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers

Free Speech Movement Digital Archive

Industrial Workers of the World

International Ladies Garment Workers
Union Photographs (1885-1985)

The Institute of Industrial Relations Library

Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

Kneel Center Labor Photographs

Labor and the Cold War 1937-1960

Labor Contracts Database

Labor Press Project
"This site brings together information about the history and ongoing influence of newspapers and periodicals published by unions, labor councils, and radical organizations in the Pacific Northwest . Labor media have been a critical part of American labor movements since the early 19th century and an equally critical, if largely unacknowledged, part of the history of American journalism."

The Labor and Radical Press
1820-the Present: An Overview and Bibliography


Labor-Related Films
in the Library of Congress Collection

Northwest Labor Press

The Official Web Page of the United Farm Workers

Bridgeport, CT Jenkins Strike. 1949.

Bridgeport, CT Jenkins Strike. 1949.

(Image courtesy of the Bridgeport History Center, Bridgeport Public Library
Property of the Bridgeport History Center)

Port Chicago Naval Magazine Explosion, 1944
Online Documents Concerning Port Chicago Explosion. The worst homefront disaster of World War II and its aftermath and an act of resistance by fifty African American munitions loaders. In late March of 1999, a docu-drama based on the Port Chicago incident -- titled The Mutiny -- was aired by NBC.

Ruth Young Jandreau
"1940s prominent trade union activist"

Sam Reiss: Eyewitness to labor History

U.S. Code Collection: Title 29-Labor

U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA

U.S. Labor and Industrial History
World Wide Web, audio archive

Women's Labor History Links