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English Literature

English Literature Internet Resources

  • The Camelot Project This is a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and other related information. This project is sponsored by the University of Rochester.
  • Discovering Literature - British Library This site features 1,200 items and insights from 60 experts, as well as author profiles, newly commissioned articles, documentary films and lesson plans.
  • Eighteenth Century Resources on the Net This is an excellent site for English Literature. Includes extensive listings for the following -- Biblical, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Restoration, 18th Century, Romantic, Victorian, 20th Century, British, Irish, American, Other National Literatures, Hypertext, Theater and Drama, and Literary Thoery.
  • English Language and Literature Research Guide  This exhaustive guide from Yale University includes internet resources and print resources.  The latter is categorized by type of source, genre, and time frame.
  • English Literature on the Web Here one can find e-text archives, information on children's books and authors, medieval English literature, Anglo-Saxon literature, information on British authors and literature of various time periods such as the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
  • English Literature Resources An extensive directory of literature resources on the internet
  • The Internet Public Library: Literary Criticism  
    Contains critical and biographical information about authors and their works.
  • Labyrinth Library: Middle English The Labyrinth provides free access to information in medieval studies with several links to other global servers that connect to databases, services and electronic texts. This site will soon include a variety of new resources such as on-line forums, professional directories and news, on-line bibliographies and an on-line university of teachers and scholars available for electronic conferencing.
  • Literary Resources on the Net This is another page which deals mainly with English and American Literature sources on the net and is limited to collections of information useful to academics. It is possible to search this site by literary time frame or literary genre.
  • Luminarium Luminarium is an excellent resource for Middle English Literature, Renaissance literature, and 17th-century literature.
  • Old English Literature This site contains works such as Beowulf along with criticism about these works as well as numerous prose, poems and reference works in middle English.
  • Post-Colonial Literature Post-Colonial Literature contains works written in English by citizens of former British colonies other than the U.S. and Canada. Some non-western literature may also be included.
  • Old English Resources contains links to Old English text collections, fonts, courses and programs, in addition to Old English alphabet, glossaries, grammar and thesaurus.
  • Romantic Circles This website is devoted to the literature and culture of the Romantic period.
  • Victoria Research Web Victoria Research Web is dedicated to the study of nineteenth century British Literature and is a valuable resource for students, teachers and researchers who maybe studying the period. Links to other Victorian sites can be found here as well as several writings of Victorian women writers.
  • Voice of the Shuttle -- English Literature This page is an excellent site for accessing information on the literature of the eighteenth century. You can find general resources, authors, works, projects, and criticism about the writing of the period.



  • British Poetry 1780-1910: A Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions This site contains scholarly editions of books of poetry published between 1780-1910 and is meant for scholars interested in Romantic and Victorian literature.
  • The Romantics analyzes the major influences in the lives of the Romantic poets during the late eighteenth century and mid-nineteenth century.
  • Rossetti Archive Contains the complete writings and pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • A Timeline of English Poetry This site contains old English, middle English, and new English poems. Indexes by poet, tile, first line, and keyword and has links to criticism on poetry.
  • Twentieth Century Poetry Resources Created by Ishikawa of Kobe University in Japan, this site provides pages that contain photographs, biographical sketches, and bibliographies of selected twentieth century poets.
  • William Blake Archive Contains books, prints, illustrations, and manuscripts and typographic works of William Blake.


  • History and Development of Prose Style This is a list of readings dating from 890 through 1984 compiled by John F. Tinkler of Towson University for his course on History and Development of Prose Style.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

  • Internet Speculative Fiction Database The ISFDB is an effort to catalog works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. It links together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and collection content listings, yearly fiction, indexes, and forthcoming books.
  • The Locus Index to Science Fiction This site contains one of the most comprehensive bibliographies of science fiction and fantasy for the period covered. Includes news, reviews, resources, and perspectives of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
  • MIT Science Fiction Society Homepage This is the world's largest collection of science fiction. Contains some foreign language material and more than 90% of all science fiction, horror and fantasy related stuff published in English. Includes an extensive magazine collection. Membership dues.
  • Science Fiction Foundation Home Page This is the research library of the Science Fiction Foundation and is the largest resource of science fiction and related material in the United Kingdom.