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EasyBib: EasyBib for Faculty

You can use EasyBib to create bibliographies in APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. EasyBib will also suggest more scholarly references for your paper.

EasyBib and Undergrads

One of the reasons Buley Library purchased EasyBib is that we think it will be a great teaching tool for helping undergrads understand the hows and whys of citing information and creating bibliographies. We know that many of our students are already using the free version of EasyBib (the free version allows them to format in MLA, but not in APA or Chicago/Turabian). Our paid subscription allows them to use all three citation styles.

We like that it breaks down the citation process very clearly and prompts students to think carefully about the quality of resources when writing a paper.

EasyBib is a partner of OCLC Worldcat, Chegg, and Credo Reference (a partnership of respected publishers, including ABC-CLIO, ALA Editions, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier, McGraw Hill, Merriam-Webster, Springer, Sage, and many more.)

We are especially excited about INQ classes incorporating EasyBib into their assignments! Please contact Wendy Hardenberg if you are interested in this. Everyone else, contact your subject librarian for more information.

Intro to EasyBib for Faculty

This webcast demonstrates how EasyBib works, how to generate citations and bibliographies, and its additional information literacy features.

EasyBib, Faculty Research, and EndNote

At this point, we don't recommend that faculty who are using EndNote Web for their personal research switch to EasyBib.

EasyBib only supports APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian styles. Faculty are likely to submit articles to a variety of journals requiring any number of citation styles, so we recommend that you not transfer your EndNote files to EasyBib.

Buley Library continues to provide support in the use of EndNote Web; please contact Rebecca Hedreen (; 392-5753) for more information.