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University Library Committee: Home

The ULC is committee under the auspices of the Faculty Senate and advisory to the Provost

University Library Committee

Purview: The University Library Committee is an autonomous standing committee of the Faculty Senate. It is charged with acting in an advisory role to the Provost in order to provide the best library services to the Southern community. (From the ULC Constitution, linked below.)

Current Membership (2020-2021)

Fall 2021

Steven Brady, Chair

Elected Members


Patrick Crowley

Hayley Battaglia

Sue Clerc

Arts and Science

Rachel Furey

Nicholas Fedorchuk

Melanie Savelli

1 School of Business

Seungmin Han

1 School of Education

Louisa Foss-Kelly

1 School of Health and Human Services

Carrie Michalski

1 At-Large

Chelsea Harry

Appointed Members

1 Undergraduate Curriculum Forum

Cindy Schofield

1 Graduate Council


2 Elected or Appointed Members from the Faculty Senate

Steven Brady

2 Administrators by Provost

Clara Ogbaa (Ex officio)


1 Undergraduate Student

Samantha Widomski

1 Graduate Student

Emily Raymond