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EDU 106: Finding Periodicals

This is a course guide for Professor Mary Brown's EDU 106 class.

Finding a journal or periodical in the library

To find a periodical (Journal, magazine, or newspaper), click on Find a Journal tab on the library home page. Then click on the down arrow next to "begins with" to see other search options. Select the option that you want and enter the title of your journal to see if the library has it in print or online. Journals in print, microfilm, or microfiche are available on the ground floor of Buley Library. If a periodical is available online, you will see the name(s) of the database(s) that contain the full text of articles and the dates of coverage for each. See screenshots below which shows a search for Newsweek.

The next screen shows you that Newsweek is available in online and print in our library. Click on each icon to see the dates of coverage. Select the appropriate format depending on the date/volume/issue that you need.


Clicking on the online icon brings up the different databases that contain full-text of Newsweek articles and the dates of coverage for each. You can select any database that has the date/issue you need. See screenshot below.

Clicking on the print icon brings up our physical holdings. Newsweek is available in microfilm from 1933-2005. Microfilm is shelved on the ground floor of Buley Library. You can print and email from the Microfilm machine. See ground floor library staff for assistance.

Finding a Periodical