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Poster Production: Poster & Printing Services

Poster & Printing Services

Poster and printing services are available through the Learning Resources Center on the first floor of the Hilton C. Buley Library. Poster production is open limited hours due to limited staffing available. 

Making a Request

1. Create the poster in MS Publisher, MS PowerPoint, or Adobe Photoshop. Files created in other programs should be saved as PDF. Be sure the dimensions of the file match the requested dimensions of the poster (i.e. 24" x 36", etc.) See our Poster Tips section if you need help.

2. Either use the Online Form or the print form (available at the Circulation/Check Out Desk). When using the print form, complete the information in the ABOUT and REQUEST sections.

3. Files will be printed as delivered. If changes are required, please contact the circulation desk to cancel your request and submit a new request.


Terms of Services

1. Poster and printing services may be paid by check or HootLoot. Make checks payable to "SCSU."

2. Departmental Banner accounts may be used for academic and University-related purposes only.

3. Posters will be made within five business days of receipt of request form and valid poster file. Equipment repairs or limited supply of materials may occasionally cause delays. Large volume orders (e.g. five or more requests at a time) require a minimum of two weeks' notice.

4. All original copy and layout for posters must be done by the requestor. Library staff are not able to make adjustments to poster design or modify requests. If changes are required, please contact the circulation desk to cancel your request and submit a new request.

5. Be sure to use the current University standard version for all software. Version differences may result in formatting errors. We recommend that you check your file on a University Windows computer before submitting or submit as a PDF to preserve formatting.

6. You are responsible for following copyright laws, academic honesty policies, and all other applicable regulations.



Poster requests can be dropped off and picked up during library open hours. Check the current hours here.

Posters generally take 2-3 business days to print.



  • B&W 24"x36" - $10.00
  • B&W 36"x48" - $14.00
  • Color 24"x36" - $14.00
  • Color 36"x48" - $18.00
  • Banner & Custom Sizes - $6.00/foot


  • 9"x12" - $3.00
  • 9"x15" - $3.50
  • 12"x15" - $4.00
  • 15"x18" - $6.00
  • 24"X36" -$20.00
  • 36"X48" -$24.00
  • Banner & Custom Sizes - $6.00/foot

Foam Backing

  • 9"x12" - $6.00
  • 24"x36" - $18.00
  • 36"x48" - $30.00