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Victorian Literature

This guide contains information on the literature of the Victorian Age.

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Background Information

British authors of the nineteenth century

British children's writers, 1800-1880

British children's writers 1880-1914

British children's writers, 1914-1960

British reform writers, 1789-1832

British reform writers, 1832-1914

The Cambridge companion to Victorian women's writing

The Cambridge history of Victorian literature

A companion to Victorian literature & culture

Encyclopedia of British writers, 1800 to the present

Encyclopedia of the Victorian era

The encyclopedia of the Victorian world : a reader's companion to the people, places, events, and everyday life of the Victorian era

A history of Victorian literature 

Literature criticism online

Nineteenth-century literature criticism

The Victorian literature handbook

Victorian literature and the Victorian state : character and governance in a liberal society



Bleak houses: marital violence in Victorian fiction

Charles Dickens and the Victorian child: romanticizing and socializing the imperfect child

The child, the state, and the Victorian novel

Family ties in Victorian England

Living in sin: cohabiting as husband and wife in nineteenth-century England

In joy and in sorrow: women, family and marriage in the Victorian South, 1830-1900

Inside the Victorian home: a portrait of domestic life in Victorian England

The maternal voice in Victorian fiction: rewriting the patriarchal family

Marriage, duty & desire in Victorian poetry and drama

Pets and domesticity in Victorian literature and culture : animality, queer relations, and the Victorian family

Precocious children and childish adults: age inversion in Victorian literature 

Queer Victorian families : curious relations in literature 

The spectacle of intimacy : a public life for the Victorian family

Street urchins, sociopaths and degenerates : orphans of late-Victorian and Edwardian fiction

Ventures into childland : Victorians, fairy tales, and femininity

Work, gender, and family in Victorian England

Youth of darkest England : working-class children at the heart of Victorian empire



The age of eclecticism : literature and culture in Britain, 1815-1885

Bearing the dead: the British culture of mourning from the enlightenment to Victoria

British literature and classical music : cultural contexts 1870-1945

Class, culture and suburban anxieties in the Victorian era

Comedy and culture : England 1820-1900

Cultivating Victorians : liberal culture and the aesthetic

Fictions of affliction : physical disability in Victorian culture

Hatred & civility : the antisocial life in Victorian England

Impossible purities : Blackness, femininity, and Victorian culture 

Interdisciplinary perspectives on aging in nineteenth-century culture 

A necessary luxury : tea in Victorian England

Personal business: character and commerce in Victorian literature and culture

Posting it: the Victorian revolution in letter-writing

Rethinking Victorian culture

Sexual anarchy : gender and culture at the fin de siècle

Victorian Literature and Culture

Victorian literature and the anorexic body

The Victorian parlour

The Victorians and old age

Victoria's year: English literature and culture, 1837-1838



The body economic: life, death and sensation in political economy and the Victorian novel

Death and the mother from Dickens to Freud: Victorian fiction and the anxiety of origins

Heaven, hell, and the Victorians

Literary remains: representation of death and burial in Victorian England

Poetical remains: poets' graves, bodies, and books in the nineteenth century

Relics of Death in Victorian Literature and Culture

Sex and death in Victorian literature



The art of Victorian prose

Bardic nationalism: the romantic novel and the British empire

Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Victorian gothic stage

Elegy for an age: the presence of the past in Victorian literature

Erotic tales of the Victorian Age

Fables less and less fabulous : English fables and parables of the nineteenth century and their illustrations

Financial speculation in Victorian fiction: plotting, money and the novel genre, 1815-1901

Gender, genre, and Victorian historical writing

History of the gothic: Gothic literature, 1825-1914

Myth and national identity in nineteenth-century Britain

The Novel in the Victorian Age: a modern introduction

Poetry and the thought of song in nineteenth-century Britain

The queen of hearts

Retreat into the mind: Victorian poetry and the rise of psychiatry

The silver fork novel: fashionable fiction in the age of reform

Theater in the Victorian Age

Traditions of Victorian Women's autobiography: the poetics and politics of life writing

The Victorian age in prose

The Victorian age: prose, poetry, and drama

Victorian fantasy

Victorian parables

The Victorian short story: development and triumph of a literary genre

Women's ghost literature in nineteenth-century Britain

Books on Victorian literature continued...

Men and Masculinity

Another kind of love: male homosexual desire in English discourse, 1850-1920

Before Wilde: sex between men in Britain's age of reform

A community  of one: masculine autobiography and autonomy in nineteenth-century Britain

Dandies and desert saints : styles of Victorian masculinity

Effeminate England : homoerotic writing after 1885

Gender at work in Victorian culture : literature, art and masculinity

Manly leaders in nineteenth-century British literature

Mapping male sexuality : nineteenth-century England

Masculine desire : the sexual politics of Victorian aestheticism

Masculinity and spirituality in Victorian culture

Men in wonderland : the lost girlhood of the Victorian gentlemen

The new man, masculinity and marriage in the Victorian novel

Nineteenth-century writings on homosexuality: a sourcebook



An age of transition: British politics, 1880-1914

British imperial literature, 1870-1940 : writing and the administration of empire

The crowd : British literature and public politics

Victorian writers and the image of empire : the rose-colored vision



Catholic sensationalism and Victorian literature

Constructions of "the Jew" in English literature and society : racial representations, 1875-1945

The emergence of the Hebrew Christian movement in nineteenth-century Britain

Nineteenth-century religion and literature: an introduction

Primitive minds : evolution and spiritual experience in the Victorian novel



Darwin, Tennyson and their readers : explorations in Victorian literature and science

Literature and medicine in nineteenth century Britain : from Mary Shelley to George Eliot

Literature and science in the nineteenth century : an anthology

Literature, technology, and magical thinking, 1880-1920

Science in the marketplace: nineteenth century sites and experiences

Species, serpents, spirits and skulls: science at the margins of the Victorian Age

Victorian demons : medicine, masculinity, and the Gothic at the fin-de-siècle

Victorian literature, energy, and the ecological imagination

Victorians and the machine; the literary response to technology

Victorian science and Victorian values : literary perspectives

Visions of Science: books and readers at the dawn of the Victorian Age


Social Conditions

Aging by the book: the emergence of midlife in Victorian Britain

At the margins of Victorian Britain: Politics, immorality and Britishness in  the nineteenth-century

Black Victorians/Black Victoriana

Of Victorians and vegetarians: the vegetarian movement in nineteenth-century Britain

Science, reform and politics in Victorian Britain the Social Science Association, 1857-1886

Victorian scandals: representations of gender and class

Victorians against the gallows: capital punishment and the abolitionist movement in nineteenth-century Britain



Altered states: sex, nation, drugs, and self-transformation in Victorian spiritualism

The haunted mind : the supernatural in Victorian literature

Literary ghosts from the Victorians to modernism

Victorian hauntings : spectrality, Gothic, the uncanny, and literature

Victorian ghost stories: an Oxford anthology

Victorian ghosts in the noontide: women writers and the supernatural

The Victorian gothic: an Edinburgh companion

The Victorian supernatural


Victorian Women and Victorian Women Writers

Aestheticism and the marriage market in Victorian popular fiction : the art of female beauty

Bearing the word : language and female experience in nineteenth-century women's writing

Becoming a woman of letters : myths of authorship and facts of the Victorian market

Between women: friendship, desire and marriage in Victorian England

Come buy, come buy : shopping and the culture of consumption in Victorian women's writing

Consuming fantasies : labor, leisure, and the London shopgirl, 1880-1920

Convict voices : women, class, and writing about prison in nineteenth-century England

Educating the proper woman reader : Victorian family literary magazines and the cultural health of the nation

Fallenness in Victorian women's writing : marry, stitch, die, or do worse

The forgotten female aesthetes : literary culture in late-Victorian England

Imperial Bibles, domestic bodies : women, sexuality, and religion in the Victorian market

Intimate violence and Victorian print culture : representational tensions 

Love and the woman question in Victorian literature : the art of self-postponement

The madwoman in the attic : the woman writer and the nineteenth-century literary imagination 

Popular Victorian women writers

In science's shadow: literary constructions of late Victorian women

Intellectual women and Victorian patriarchy : Harriet Martineau, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, George Eliot 

Outside the pale : cultural exclusion, gender difference, and the Victorian woman writer

The trial of woman : feminism and the occult sciences in Victorian literature and society

Victorian women poets

Women and British aestheticism

Women and literature in Britain, 1800-1900

Women, writing, and the industrial revolution

The women's movement and women's employment in nineteenth-century Britain

Women's writing of the Victorian period, 1837-1901 : an anthology