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COVID-19 Resources

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Moving beyond the offical sites

Especially in a fast moving crisis, official sites cannot always keep up with rapidly evolving information.

Look for:

  1. Sources: where are sites getting their information? (Be very suspicious of any site that doesn't tell you where the info is coming from.)
  2. Clear explanations of non-sourced material. If they aren't getting information from another source, how was the accuracy of the information determined?
  3. Agreement with official sources: when information is displayed that could/should come from an official source, is that displayed accurately? Be careful with this one, however, because a common technique in persuasion is to "salt" an argument with demonstrable truths, so that you are primed to believe everything.
  4. Transparency: Is it clear what information coming from where and is information from different sources (including non-sourced materials) clearly distinguished?

Here are some examples of "non-official" sources of information and how these might be evaluated: