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Chinese-Americans 1785-: History

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What happened In History


British waged disastrous opium wars on China. British gain control of Hong Kong


Chinese laborers actively recruited by American companies for work in the "Golden Mountains"


California Supreme Court ruled Chinese could not testify for or against a white person in court


7000 Chinese railroad workers laid down their tools and went on strike against Central Pacific Railroad


12000 Chinese completed the western half of the Transcontinental Railroad


MOB attacks and pillages Los Angeles Chinese district. 18 Chinese murdered


Chinese denied right to become American citizens by the U.S. Supreme Court


Rock Springs (Wyoming)Massacre. 28 Chinese shot dead. Houses burned to the ground

1882, 1888, 1902, 1924

U.S. Congress enacted Chinese Exclusion Laws prohibiting Chinese laborers from entering U.S.


Lue Gim Gong developed variety of oranges still honored by his name


Wong Kim Ark v. U.S. Supreme Court concedes that a child born in US of Chinese descent is citizen of US


Chinese workers in China boycotted American goods to protest terrible theatment of Chinese in U.S.


San Francisco earthquake leveled ChinaTown


Fong Joe Guey became the first Asian to build and first person to fly a plane on the West Coast


Angel Island Detention Center - 14 states in U.S. forbade Chinese marrying whites or natualization of them


Nationalist Revolution, Republic of China Founded, Sun Yat Sen elected first President


Immigration Act prohibited Chinese men from bringing wives or children. Previous to this, they could.


Sino Japanese War begins


San Francisco national dollar chain store strike


Communist revolution. People's Republic of China founded. Mao Tse Tung elected Chairman


McCarthy witchhunts plagued ChinaTowns in U.S.


Immigration Quotas for Asian immigration removed


Asian American studies programs established for the first time.


Asian-Americans organized contingents to participate in Anti-Vietnam War Movement


Lau v. Nichols, Landmark Supreme Court decision acknowledged the right for bilingual/bicultural eduation in public schools.


International hotel fight for low income housing, San Francisco, CA


Confucius Plaza demonstrations -  New York city


Bakke v. university of California-Davis, Affirmative Action programs threatened by "Reverse Discrimination" charge


The PRC removed restrictions on emigration leading to immigration of college students and professionals. These recent groups of Chinese tended to cluster in suburban areas and to avoid urban Chinatowns.

  Immigrants from mainland China soared mainly with students and professionals coming to study or to work in academies as well as undocumented aliens in search of lower-status manual jobs.        


Tiananmen Square Massacre incurred President Bush’s order of amnesty to Chinese in the U.S.

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