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The basics of using EndNote Web to manage and save citations and references.

What is EndNote Web?

EndNote Web is a bibliographic citation manager.

What does that mean?
A bibliographic citation is any reference to a book, journal article, video, or other source that you might use in an academic paper or article. EndNote Web allows you to 'manage' those citations by saving them, organizing them, and formating them.

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EndNote vs. EndNote Web

EndNote is a software program loaded on a personal computer. EndNote Web is the web version of that software that requires no downloading or installation (aside from the optional plugins). Buley Library has a subscription to EndNote Web (via Web of Science) and does NOT provide the software. If you are interested in a personal copy of the EndNote software, most bookstores and computer stores have it available, or try the EndNote website:

Using EndNote Web

This guide will show you how to do some basic things with EndNote Web:

  1. Sign up for an account with EndNote Web.
  2. Import citations from popular databases.
  3. Organize your citations.
  4. Format your citations.
  5. Make EndNote Web work with Google Scholar.
  6. Alternatives to EndNote Web.

There are more detailed tutorials and help files within EndNote Web. This guide will get you started.

Below are some of the most common questions and issues:

Logging in

Once you have signed up, you do not have to log in through the off campus link or the Web of Science site.

You can go directly to and log in.

EndNote Web may ask you to occassionally log in through an "authorized computer". Any computer on campus should work, or you can log in through the off campus link or Web of Science (using your ID number and Library PIN off campus).

Note: If you get a Security Certificate Error when registering, logging in through Web of Science, or when importing, you can Accept or Continue without worry. Depending on your browser you may need to go through several steps to accept the "faulty" security certificate. (See what this process looks like in Firefox.)

Need another format or filter?

To simplify use, we've limited the number of style formats, online catalogs, and import filters available. If you need a style, catalog, or filter that isn't available, please contact Rebecca Hedreen.

Need more help?

Use the contact options on the right to ask for more help, or use the Individual Instruction Form and choose EndNote from the dropdown menu.