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EndNote Web: Comparing Mendeley & EndNote Web

The basics of using EndNote Web to manage and save citations and references.

Comparison chart



EndNote Web

Web based Yes Yes
Downloadable software Yes  No
Offline use Yes limited
PDF storage & organization Yes No
Direct importing from library databases partial Yes
Importing from library databases via file Yes Yes
Plugins for Word Yes Yes
Plugins for Open Office Yes No
Mobile iPhone/iPad app Mobile version

Recommendations from Rebecca

If you are mostly using EBSCO databases and web sources, downloading lots of PDF copies of articles, want to work offline, want to use your citation manager on an iPhone or iPad, use Linux or Open Office, and/or want to collaborate with colleagues outside of the university, try Mendeley.

If you use a variety of library databases (not just EBSCO), are nearly always online, use a non-iOS smart phone or tablet, and/or want the convenience of having everything online, try EndNote Web.

Don't worry if you change your mind. Both systems can export your citations and import the exported files from another system.

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