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Library Catalog

The library catalog, or SouthernSearch, is a primary tool for a library user to find what items are available in a library's collection and where they are located. 

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Other Selected Resources

Dictionaries are monographs that define individual words of a language so as to set forth their orthography, pronunciation, signification, and use, their synonyms, deviation, and history among other facts. Dictionaries can be general or subject specific.

      e.g. Oxford English Dictionary

Encyclopedias are works that contain information on all branches of knowledge or treat comprehensively a particular branch of knowledge, usually in articles arranged alphabetically by subject.

      e.g.: Britannica Online

Both types of reference materials provide ideas for developing a search term list and strategy.  

Indexes, such as periodical indexes, allow you to search for articles or subject specific materials published in a periodical, journal title, or other bibliographic resources. An index allows you to search for a specific article, book chapter, etc. within a periodical, journal title, or other resource.

Open Access Books

Open Access Resources