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Public Health: Articles

This guide will show you how to find books and articles in public health.

Search Tips

Many databases have a wildcard * search feature, which allows you to search for words that contain a root word. For example, epidem* will find epidemic, epidemics, epidemiology, epidemiologist, and epidemiologists.

Use the search term AND to narrow your topic. Fox example, a search for epidemics and air travel will search for articles containing both words.  

Brainstorm for keywords that will broaden or narrow your topic. For example:

Epidemic = Broad
Influenza = More specific, but still general
Swine Flu = Much more specific
H1N1 = Much more specific and the term preferred by health authorities

Searching for Journal Articles

If you are off campus you will need to enter your university ID number and library PIN to access these databases.

EBSCO Databases :

are a great source of both popular and scholarly materials. To limit to scholarly articles, click the box on the search screen next to Scholarly (Peer reviewed) articles.

Depending on your topic, the following EBSCO databases can be searched separately or combined to search simultaneously:

If the full text article is not immediately available, click on the  icon and it will check to see if the full text is available in any of our other databases.

Science Direct 

      Contains many full-text journals in Public Health.  

Finding Articles When You Have the Citation

To find whether a particular journal appears full-text in any of our databases or in the library, enter the name of the journal in the journal finder on the home page. The journal finder will tell you if Buley Library subscribes to a journal or if it is available online in one of the databases.