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Women's & Gender Studies

Finding Journals in the Library Collection

Find a Specific Journal

Do you know the name of the journal you want to access?  On the library's homepage, select the "Search for Journals" tab to find a specific journal title.

How do I find Peer Reviewed or Scholarly articles?

The simplest way to find a peer-reviewed article is to use a database helps you search for peer reviewed journals.

Look for a check box near the search box for Peer-Review or Scholarly Journals.

Peer review check box in EBSCO Databases                Peer review checkbox in Proquest Databases

This will limit your search to articles in scholarly journals, but not necessarily to the research articles in those journals. To find only research articles:

  1. either carefully review your results for research studies (look for Methods and Results sections), or
  2. some databases have Document Type selections in the Advanced Search. You may be able to choose Research articles or even particular types of research, such as Clinical Trials or Case Studies.

Some of the databases that have Scholarly/Peer Reviewed check boxes are: