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Women's & Gender Studies

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Here is a selected list of book awards, bibliographies and Best Books lists in Women's & Gender Studies:

Reference Books

The following list is a sampling of titles shelved in the Reference area originally compiled by Cindy Schofield, MLIS, Ed.D; former Buley Library Technical Services Division Head (1999-2018).  The Reference Collection is located on the main floor of Buley Library. Unless otherwise noted, annotations are taken from publishers book jacket notes.

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This tutorial will show you how to use SouthernSearch to find books and other materials, how to request books from another CSCU library, how to save records to print, email, or cite information, and where to go for additional help.

Library of Congress Subject Headings for WGS

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are a thesaurus or controlled vocabulary of descriptive terms maintained by the Library of Congress that are used in library catalog (bibliographic) records for books and other resources in library collections. Searching library catalogs by subject using these terms will return lists of books and other resources with these subject headings.

On these three tabs are lists in alphabetic order of selected LCSH selected terms relevant to Women's & Gender Studies. Clicking the links will generate searches using those subject headings in Southern Search. Note that Library of Congress terms undergo periodic reconsideration and revision through a formalized process that takes time, which means some terms may no longer be in use colloquially and/or may be considered offensive while they are still in use in the LCSH. Please also note: this list is extensive, but is not a comprehensive list of all potentially relevant terms. To find additional LCSH terms you may search Library of Congress Subject Headings at the LC Linked Data Service.

Note: if you find 0 results with the Search Scope set to Southern Connecticut State University change the scope to CSCU Library Consortium to see holdings at CCSU, ECSU, WCSU and the Community Colleges.

Abused gay men
Abused lesbians
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
African American bisexual men
African American bisexuals
African American gay actors
African American gay men
African American gays
African American lesbians
African American transsexuals
Afro-American women
Aged gay men
Aged lesbians
Asian American bisexuals
Asian American gays
Asian American lesbians
Astrology and homosexuality
Bears (Gay Culture)
Bible and feminism
Bible Gay interpretations
Bisexual college students
Bisexual feminism
Bisexual librarians
Bisexual men
Bisexual men United States
Bisexual parents
Bisexual students
Bisexual women
Bisexual women - Identity
Bisexual youth
Bisexuality - Mythology
Bisexuality - Religious aspects
Bisexuality in literature
Bisexuality in motion pictures
Bisexuality on television
Bisexuals' writings
Bisexuals' writings, American
Catholic gays
Children of gay parents
Children of transsexual parents
Christian ethics
Christian gays
Christian lesbians
Christian transsexuals
Church work with African American gays
Church work with gays (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Civil unions
Closeted gays
Coming Out (Sexual orientation)
Cuban American lesbians
Deaf gays
Drag balls
Etiquette for gay men
Etiquette for lesbians
Female impersonators
Female-to-male transsexuals
Feminism and antisemitism
Feminism and architecture
Feminism and art
Feminism and art—United States
Feminism and dance
Feminism and education
Feminism and education—United States
Feminism and higher education
Feminism and literature
Feminism and literature—England—History—16th century
Feminism and literature—England—History—17th century
Feminism and literature—England—History—18th century
Feminism and literature—England—History—20th century
Feminism and literature—English-speaking countries
Feminism and literature—France
Feminism and literature—France—History—20th century
Feminism and literature—Germany
Feminism and literature—Great Britain
Feminism and literature—Great Britain—History—19th century
Feminism and literature—Great Britain—History—20th century
Feminism and literature—United States
Feminism and literature—United States—History—19th century
Feminism and literature—United States—History—20th century
Feminism and mass media
Feminism and motion pictures
Feminism and music
Feminism and science
Feminism and sports
Feminism and the arts
Feminism and theater
Feminism in art
Feminism in literature
Feminism on television
Feminism—Cross-cultural studies
Feminism—Early works to 1800
Feminism—Germany (West)
Feminism—Germany—History—19th century
Feminism—Great Britain
Feminism—Great Britain—History—19th century
Feminism—Great Britain—History—20th century
Feminism—History—20th century
Feminism—Indian influences
Feminism—International cooperation
Feminism—Korea (South)
Feminism—Latin America
Feminism—Literary collections
Feminism—Moral and ethical aspects
Feminism—Political aspects
Feminism—Quebec (Province)
Feminism—Religious aspects
Feminism—United States
Feminism—United States—Congresses
Feminism—United States—History—19th century
Feminism—United States—History—20th century
Feminism—United States—Periodicals
Feminist archaeology
Feminist jurisprudence
Feminist music
Feminist theory
First-wave feminism

Gay activists
Gay actors
Gay adoption
Gay and lesbian film festivals
Gay and lesbian studies
Gay anthropologists
Gay artists
Gay artists in popular culture
Gay athletes
Gay authors
Gay bars
Gay bodybuilders
Gay broadcasters
Gay business enterprises
Gay cartoonists
Gay clergy
Gay clubs
Gay coaches (Athletics)
Gay college students
Gay college teachers
Gay columns in newspapers
Gay communities
Gay consumers
Gay couples
Gay couples - Religious life (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Gay culture
Gay dramatists
Gay erotic art

Gay erotic literature
Gay erotic videos
Gay human services personnel
Gay journalists
Gay kings and rulers
Gay labor union members
Gay liberation movement
Gay librarians
Gay libraries
Gay male couples
Gay men
Gay men - Conduct of life
Gay men - Identity
Gay men - Language
Gay men - Relations with heterosexual women
Gay men - Relations with heterosexuals
Gay men and musicals
Gay men civil rights
Gay men in art
Gay men in literature
Gay men in mass media
Gay men legal status
Gay men's writings (can sub-categorize by language)
Gay military personnel
Gay motion picture actors and actresses
Gay motion picture producers and directors
Gay musicians
Gay newspapers
Gay nurses
Gay police officers
Gay politicians
Gay press
Gay press publications
Gay Pride Day
Gay psychologist
Gay Rights
Gay rights - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Gay social workers
Gay students
Gay teachers
Gay teenagers
Gay theater
Gay youth
Gay-straight alliances in schools
Gays - Attitudes
Gays - Employment
Gays - Identity
Gays - Monuments
Gays - Nazi persecution
Gays - Social life and customs
Gays and sports
Gays and the performing arts
Gays civil rights
Gays history
Gays in literature
Gays in military service
Gays in popular culture
Gays in the Armed Forces
Gays legal status
Gays' writings
Gender identity
Gender identity disorders
Gender identity disorders in adolescence
Gender identity disorders in children
Gender Identity in art
Gender identity in dance
Gender identity in education
Gender identity in literature
Gender identity in mass media
Gender identity in motion pictures
Gender identity in music
Hip-hop feminism
Hispanic American gays
Hispanic American lesbians
Homophobia - Press coverage
Homophobia - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Homophobia in children
Homophobia in high schools
Homophobia in higher education
Homophobia in literature
Homophobia in psychoanalysis
Homophobia in schools
Homophobia in social work
Homophobia in sports
Homophobia in the press
Homophobia United States History
Homosexuality - Folklore
Homosexuality - Genetic aspects
Homosexuality - Mythology
Homosexuality - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Homosexuality - Societies
Homosexuality (Canon law)
Homosexuality America History
Homosexuality and art
Homosexuality and dance
Homosexuality and education
Homosexuality and literature
Homosexuality and motion pictures
Homosexuality and music
Homosexuality Biblical teaching
Homosexuality comic books
Homosexuality Europe History
Homosexuality fiction
Homosexuality government policy
Homosexuality History (can sub-divide further by century)
Homosexuality in art
Homosexuality in dance
Homosexuality in literature
Homosexuality in motion pictures
Homosexuality in music
Homosexuality in opera
Homosexuality in the Bible
Homosexuality in the workplace
Homosexuality law and legislation
Homosexuality on radio
Homosexuality on television
Homosexuality poetry
Homosexuality psychology
Homosexuality social aspects
Homosexuality, Male, in art
Homosexuality, Male, in literature
Indian gays
Indian lesbians
Intersex people
Italian American gays
Italian American lesbians

Jewish gay men
Jewish gays
Jewish lesbians
Leather bars
Leather life style (Sexuality)
Legal assistance to gays
Lesbian activists
Lesbian actresses
Lesbian artists
Lesbian artists in popular culture
Lesbian athletes
Lesbian authors
Lesbian business enterprises
Lesbian cartoonists
Lesbian clergy
Lesbian college students
Lesbian college teachers
Lesbian communities
Lesbian composers
Lesbian consumers
Lesbian couples
Lesbian culture
Lesbian dramatists
Lesbian erotic art
Lesbian feminism
Lesbian feminist theory
Lesbian librarians
Lesbian libraries
Lesbian musicians
Lesbian nuns
Lesbian nurses
Lesbian private investigators
Lesbian psychotherapists
Lesbian pulp fiction
Lesbian rabbis
Lesbian rights
Lesbian students
Lesbian teachers
Lesbian teenagers
Lesbian theater
Lesbian vampires
Lesbian youth
Lesbianism - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Lesbianism in art
Lesbianism in literature
Lesbianism in motion pictures
Lesbianism in opera
Lesbians - Conduct of life
Lesbians - Identity
Lesbians - Legal status, laws
Lesbians - Relations with heterosexuals
Lesbians and musicals
Lesbians and sports
Lesbians History
Lesbians in art
Lesbians in literature
Lesbians in mass media
Lesbians' writings
Liberation theology
Male impersonators
Mass media and gays
Mexican American gays
Mexican American lesbians
Middle aged gay men
Middle aged gays
Middle aged lesbians
Middle ages lesbians
Minority gays
Minority lesbians
Mormon gays
Motion pictures and gay men
Music by gay composers
Music by lesbian composers
National March on Washington
Nationalism and feminism
Ordination of gays (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Ordination of lesbians (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Outing (Sexual orientation)
Pacific Islander American bisexuals
Pacific Islander American gays
Pacific Islander American lesbians
Parents of gays
Prostitution - History
Prostitution - Interviews
Prostitution - law and legislation
Prostitution in literature
Psychoanalysis and feminism
Psychoanalysis and Homosexuality
Psychology gender, and theory
Puerto Rican lesbians
Queer theory
Radical Faieries
Rural gay men
Rural lesbians
Same-sex marriage
Same-sex marriage law and legislation
Same-sex marriage religious aspects
Second-wave feminism
Sex (psychology)
Sex change
Sex Customs History
Sex role
Sex roles
Sex-oriented businesses
Sexual behavior
Sexual ethics
Sexual minorities
Sexual orientation
Sexual orientation in art
Sexual orientation in literature
Sexuality and culture
Social work with bisexuals
Social work with gay youth
Social work with gays
Social work with lesbian youth
Social work with lesbians
Socialist feminism
Sodomy - History
Sodomy - Religious aspects
Sodomy - United States - Cases
Sodomy in literature
South Asian American gays
Stonewall Book Awards
Stonewall Riot, New York, N.Y., 1969
Third-wave feminism
Transgender people--Identity.
Transgender people.
Transsexual librarians
Transsexualism - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Transsexuals - Legal status, laws
Transsexuals – Identity
Transsexuals in literature
Transsexuals in motion pictures
Transsexuals' writings
Transvestism - Religious aspects (can sub-categorize further by denomination)
Transvestism in art
Transvestites in literature
Two-spirit people
United States - Armed Forces - Gays
Women in philosophy
Women—Social condition
Women's rights
Women’s studies
Women’s studies libraries
Women’s studies—Awards
Women’s studies—Awards—United States
Women’s studies—Biographical methods
Women’s studies—Congresses
Women’s studies—Cross-cultural studies
Women’s studies—Japan
Women’s studies—Periodicals
Women’s studies—United States
Working class lesbians