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Open Access & Open Educational Resources for English and American Literature

World Literature Sites

Australian Literary and Historical Texts
A collection of over 300 fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction works pulled together from different sources. Texts are searchable. 

Canadian Poetry Online
Contains a collection of poetry from contemporary and nineteenth century poets.

CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts
This site is a free digital humanities resource for Irish history, literature and culture.

Cervantes Project
The Cervantes Project at Texas A&M University includes the International Cervantes Bibliography Online, Cervantes Digital Library, and Cervantes Digital Archive of Images.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Archive
The archive of one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is available online at the University of Texas, Austin.

Invitation to World Literature
Invitation to World Literature is a multimedia series that offers thirteen works from a range of eras, places, cultures, languages, and traditions.  

The Nobel Prize in Literature
Lists the Nobel prize winners since 1901.

Oral Literature in Africa
This text by Ruth Finnegan focuses on the study and appreciation of oral literature and is accompanied by recordings of stories and songs that are available for free.

Princeton Dante Project
Housed at Princeton University, the project includes the text of Dante's Divine Comedy in Italian and English, an Italian voice recording of the poem, the Dore and Nattini illustrations for the Inferno, and historical, philological, visual, and interpretive footnotes.

The Vergil Project
This resource, from the University of Pennsylvania, provides materials for students and teachers of Vergil, including Grammar/Syntax assistance, a concordance, commentaries, translations, and correspondences.