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Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

This guide was created for students at SCSU who are studying Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

Finding More

The boxes below contain curated lists of books. 

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Acting Shakespeare & his contemporaries

Acts of criticism : performance matters in Shakespeare and his contemporaries 

The Cambridge companion to English Renaissance tragedy

The Cambridge Guide to Theatre 

A biographical chronicle of the English drama, 1559-1642

Breaking boundaries : politics and play in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries 

The chief Elizabethan dramatists, excluding Shakespeare, selected plays by Lyly, Peele, Greene, Marlowe, Kyd, Chapman, Jonson, Dekker, Marston, Heywood, Beaumont, Fletcher, Webster, Middleton, Messinger, Ford, Shirley. Edited from the original quartos with notes, biographies and bibliographies by William Allan Neilson

Elizabethan dramatists

Elizabethan plays, written by Shakespeare's friends, colleagues, rivals and successors; to wit: Christopher Marlowe, John Lyly, Robert Greene ... [and others] Edited, with new texts based on the original folios, quartos, and octavos, by Hazelton Spencer

Endeavors of art : a study of form in Elizabethan drama

English drama 1586-1642 : the age of Shakespeare

Essays on Elizabethan drama

Forbidden matter : religion in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries 

Holy estates : marriage and monarchy in Shakespeare and his contemporaries 

Italian culture in the drama of Shakespeare & his contemporaries : rewriting, remaking, refashioning 

Jacobean and Caroline dramatists

Jacobean theatre

The Oxford Companion to the Theatre 

The Oxford handbook of early modern theatre

The politics of performance in early Renaissance drama

Renaissance dramatists

Rival playwrights : Marlowe, Jonson, Shakespeare

The Routledge anthology of Renaissance drama 

Shakespeare and his fellow dramatists; a selection of plays illustrating the glories of the golden age of English drama, edited by E.H.C. Oliphant

Shakespeare and the drama of his time

Shakespeare's contemporaries; modern studies in English Renaissance drama

Shakespeare's impact on his contemporaries 

Shakespeare Memorial Theatre; a photographic record

Shakespeare's neighbors : theory matters in the Bard and his contemporaries 

A short view of Elizabethan drama, together with some account of its principal playwrights and the conditions under which it was produced

Stage-wrights : Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, and the making of theatrical value

The world of Shakespeare and his contemporaries : a visual approach 

Cyril Tourneur