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EndNote Web: EndNote Web for Faculty

The basics of using EndNote Web to manage and save citations and references.

Using EndNote Web for Research & Publication

Collect references.

Quickly and easily save citations from most of our databases, Google Scholar, library catalogs, and more.

Organize references.

Find and eliminate duplicate entries.
Organize citations by project, chapter, publication, topic, or any other classification you find useful. (Or more than one!)
Add notes, keywords, etc. for easier retrieval and project planning.

Format for publicaton.

Share with colleagues.
With over 3,300 styles available, chances are your journal's style is covered.

Importing existing collections

If you have used another citation manager in the past (EndNote, Refworks, Procite, etc.), you can import those citations into EndNote Web.

Plain Word files, however, do not import well. You can format existing documents into machine readable styles, but it's probably easier to find and import citations from databases or Google Scholar, and manually enter any additional references.

Using EndNote Web with Students

Share with students.

You can use EndNote Web to share citations with students for course readings, special projects, honors thesis, or graduate work.

Teach students.

EndNote Web can be used to teach good searching and citing habits. Students can

  • save references from databases to document the search process
  • quickly format on-the-fly bibliographies for review
  • share citations for group projects
  • use the various notes fields in place of notecards, for transcripts, quotations, organizational notes, etc.

Students may be using it already.

Get familiar with the faults of EndNote Web (like article capitalization problems) so that you will recognize them when they happen.

Collaborating using EndNote Web

You can share with anyone who has an EndNote Web account, just knowing the email address they used for the account.

Colleagues at schools without EndNote Web subscriptions can get limited accounts through ResearcherID, though it may be easier to use a non-subscription product like Mendeley.

Computer Set-up Guide

Use this checklist to set up your own computer to make best use of EndNote Web.

Help and Instruction Sessions

Contact Rebecca

For individual help, a class instruction session, or a departmental workshop, contact Distance Learning librarian Rebecca Hedreen.