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Information Literacy for LEP Explorations Courses

This is an information literacy guide for students taking Explorations gen ed courses. Students will learn how to access, identify, evaluate, and use information accurately and ethically.

Finding Periodicals in the Library

Click on  Find a Journal on the library home page to get to the Journal Finder page and enter the title of your periodical to see whether it is available in Buley Library. Journal finder indicates the availability of a journal in print, microfilm, microfiche, or full-text online through our sub scription databases.

You can search  for a journal in the following ways: Title begins with (enter first few words of the title), Title equals (enter exact title), Title Contains All Words (enter one or more words from the title in any order).

Clicking on "Advanced Search" which is just below the Journal search box gives you the option to search for a journal by ISSN. You can also search electronic journals. If you scroll down that page below the electronic journals, you will see the Article Finder search box. Fill in as much information as you have into the Article Finder search box and click on "Search" to locate the article through our databases.

All periodicals (journals, magazines and newspapers) are on the ground floor. Bound journals are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order by title. Current issues are shelved in the center of the Periodicals Reading Room in white plastic containers. A newspaper rack near the current issues holds the daily newspapers. Older papers are shelved nearby.

Journals and newspapers on microfilm and microfiche are kept in cabinets in the Microforms Room. Please ask for assistance at the Periodicals Help Desk located in the Periodicals Reading Room. It is possible to make copies from microfilm or microfiche. 

Types of Periodicals

There are different types of periodicals. Click on the link below for an explanation of the different kinds of periodicals.

Different Types of Periodicals

Identifying Types of Periodicals

Refer to Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory Database if you are not sure what type of Periodical you are using for your research.