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Human Library

This guide serves as in introduction to the Human Library and provides guidance on how to host a Human Library event.

Survey Results

All our human books and readers were very appreciative of our efforts and indicated  that they would like this to be an ongoing event and that they got so much out of it and wondered why this wasn't held sooner. It was a remarkable experience; we were nervous at first wondering if we will be able to pull this off but there was so much enthusiasm on the part of the book volunteers and the volunteers who were helping with the event that we were able to recruit enough readers  on the day of the event. Books and readers were very eager to listen and share stories and we found interactions to be very positive and beneficial for all. The fact that many of the participants would like to see this hosted again indicates how well the program was received on campus. 

Lessons Learned

1.We will begin planning at the start of the semester and conduct the event three weeks before the semester ends to ensure there is no break in the momentum.

2. We  will recruit readers ahead of time just so we don’t feel so uncertain about the probability of getting enough readers to check out our books.

3. We will recruit more human books. We had 13 books this time but we will aim for at least 20 the next time.

4. We will space out the asks so everything doesn't happen during the week of the event. 

5. We will be more proactive with publciity for the event

6. We will try to partner with other offices on campus for greater turnout and success.