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A brief guide to the Data Management Plan Tool

DMPTool participants are institutions, profit and nonprofit organizations, individuals, and other groups. DMPTool currently has 255 participating institutions, but if your institution does not participate you can still create your own account. Create your account here

DMPTool provides a click-through wizard for creating a data management plan that complies with funder requirements. The wizard provides help text, resources, and suggested answers. Once you’ve completed the data management plan, it generates a formal document for you to submit as part of your grant proposal.

Before you get started, you can view public plans completed by researches to see what it looks like once you’ve filled in all your information.

DMPTool also has a page that features funders’ requirements. Some of these funders provide not only their requirements for data management plans, but also sample plans to help you along.

The tool is also available to researchers who are interested in developing a generic data management plan to help facilitate their research.

Visit DMPTool's FAQ to learn more.