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Board of Library User Experience (BLUE): Home

Webpage for the Board of Library User Experience

Meeting Schedule

Spring 2020 Meeting Times

Monday Feb 3, 1-2

Monday March 2, 1-2

Monday April 6, 1-2

Monday May 4, 1-2 


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BLUE Mission Statement

BLUE Mission Statement


A diverse group of students representative of the SCSU population who will meet to discuss library policies, services, and space in order to ensure that the library meets student needs and that the student body has a voice in the management of the library.



  • Give students an active voice in the library and an opportunity to contribute
  • Create two-way channel for communication between students and library faculty and staff


  • Affect positive change in the library so that it can better serve the SCSU community
  • Make existing services better
  • Suggest or offer input on new services


  • Share insight on student needs, concerns, and priorities and research/study/library use habits
  • Provide feedback/suggestions regarding use of library space


  • Act as leaders and liaisons for the library in the SCSU community
  • Listen to concerns of peers and share them with library personnel
  • Share information about library resources and services with peers

Benefit to student participants

  • Gain leadership and participation skills
  • Improve the library experience for self and peers
  • Enhance resume


Inspired by the mission statements of the student boards at Columbia University Libraries, Glendale Community College Libraries, DiMenna-Nyselius Library (Fairfield University), and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries.

Current Members

Binod Dahal Grad MBA
Amanda Damon Grad ILS
Kyle Dearborn Undergrad COM/Advertising and Promotions
Alexa Gorman Grad ILS
Sara Guglietti Undergrad IMS/minor in HIS
Jamil Harp Undergrad COM
Tamera Henry Undergrad PCH
Princess Zuri McCann Grad MFA
Claire Mora Undergrad IDS - PSY, ANT,
Emma Norden Undergrad HIS
Meaghan Reilley Undergrad SED