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Country Information: Country Profiles

This guide will help you find information on individual countries and international organizations.

What Time is it in ...

What is the Anthem of? Find the Flag of?

How Do I Pronounce That?

Voice Of America: Pronounciation Guide

Contains over 2,200 individual and place names around the world. Provides a phonetic guide and an audio of the correct pronunciation.

Buley Library Resources

Currency Exchange Rate




Country Information


Background Notes: Country Fact Sheets

Issued by the U.S. Department of State and will provide basic,up-to-date information.

BBC News Country Profiles

Country information on education, history, demographics. Also includes video and audio clips from the BBC archives.

CIA: World FactBook

Provides information on over 267 countries/world entities.  Includes maps of the major regions, Flags of the World, and country comparisons.

Country Profiles from the UK, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Issued from the UK, gives basic facts and figures for each country. Will help you locate an embassy and offer travel advice. Focus is for UK travelers.

Foreign Government Web Sites (Northwestern University)

This guide was created to links library patrons to official websites of national governments.

Library of Congress: Country Studies

Initially started in 1988, the Library of Congress publishes country profiles.

OFFSTATS: (University of Aukland)

Developed at the University of Aukland, the database provides free access to statistic from official government sources on the Web.


Food & Agriculture Organiation: Country Profiles

International Monetary Fund: Country Information

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Parliamentary Web Sites

World Health Organization: Countries