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Drama Criticism

Print Indexes

Indexes provide bibliographic citations to articles in books, magazines, journals, and newspapers. A bibliographic citation consists of author, title of article, title of periodical, volume, page and date. Once you get the citation, check SouthernSearch to see if we have the publication that is cited in the index.

Play Index --Index Section, Ground Floor
Entries arranged under author, title, and subject in a single alphabet. Indexes plays published during five-year periods. Each entry contains a brief description of the play.

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature
This is the English counterpart of the MLA. It identifies books, pamphlets and periodical articles that contain literary information.

Biography Index -- Index Section, Ground Floor
Indexes biographical material in books and journals. Includes references to obituaries, collections of letters, diaries, memoirs and bibliographies.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index -- Ref Z5305.U5 B87, Second Floor 
Includes biographical sketches that have been published in current and retrospective biographical dictionaries. Good place to start if nothing other than the person's name is known.

Essay and General Literature Index -- Index Section, Ground Floor 
This is an index to chapters in books and essays in collections.

Humanities Index -- Index Section, Main Floor 
Index articles that appear in English language journals. Includes language, literature and literary criticism. Entries are by author and subject.

The New York Times Index -- Index Section, Ground Floor
Indexes articles that appear in the New York Times. Book Reviews are arranged by title under the section, "Book Reviews".