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English Medieval Literature

This guide was created for the course EN385: English Medieval Literature offered by the Department of English, Southern Connecticut State University.


English Medieval Literature

What's in this guide?



This guide was created for the course English Medieval Literature (ENG 385) offered by the Department of English at Southern Connecticut State University. Middle English Literature stretches roughly from 1100 through the fifteenth century and is usually divided into two main categories - Old English literature also known as Anglo-Saxon literature, and Middle English literature. This course offers a selective survey of Medieval English Literature from a variety of texts and genres. It begins with a survey of themes in Old English Literature, especially heroism, and then proceeds to the Middle English period. Students will be introduced to Anglo-Saxon England and the literature of the period including Caedomon's Hymn, The Battle of Brunanburh, Cynewulf, and Cyneheard, Christian poetry and elegies, and Beowulf among others.The Middle English period begins with the Norman Conquest and focuses on courtly love and the Middle Englsh lyrics, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Canterbury Tales.

This guide shows you how to find books and journal articles using recommended subject and keyword terms, how to cite sources using the MLA format, and lists some of the most important web sites for Old English and Middle English Literatures.

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